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Long County Fire Department Still on the Job, Despite Reports
Ludowici fire

Despite rumors, the Ludowici/Long County Fire Department is still providing service to the citizens, Assistant Fire Chief Randy Combs said Monday.

In a specially called meeting Monday, Combs met with both part-time and volunteer firefighters from the department to decide whether any action would be taken following the suspension of Assistant Fire Chief Shawn Smith. 

Combs said that, earlier Monday, Smith had been suspended for seven days by the Long County Board of Commissioners for alleged insubordination.

After meeting for approximately two hours, several firefighters said they would not work as part-time firefighters any more but would continue to serve as volunteer firefighters. Several other firefighters said they support Smith and feel that the commissioners were wrong in their actions, but they still would continue to work part-time.

The fire department and the commissioners have been at odds in recent months over several issues including driving requirements, enforcing standard operational guidelines, training requirements and alleged illegal usage of equipment.

Combs said that despite all that has taken place, the citizens of Ludowici and Long County need to know that both fire protection and EMS coverage is still operational.

Look for more later on and in Sunday's Coastal Courier.

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