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Long County Sheriff's blotter for June 6
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DUI, suspended license

Elim Road and Barrett Cemetery Road
May 10 , 2007

Deputies stopped a vehicle that was speeding. The driver had a suspended license and was found to be under the influence. He was arrested and later released on bond.

Driving with a suspended or revoked license
Highway 57 at MM 27
May 11, 2007

While conducting a traffic safety checkpoint, deputies arrested a man who was driving with a suspended license from a previous conviction regarding marijuana.

Theft by shoplifting (misdemeanor)
Highway 196 and Joe Kennedy Road
May 12, 2007

Deputies arrested a man who was caught trying to walk out of a store without paying for a six pack of beer. The man hid the beer in his pants.

Damaging mailboxes
Highway 261
May 21, 2007

A caller reported he found someone had damaged a bunch of mailboxes along highway 261 including the one belonging to Sheriff Cecil Nobles. The case is under investigation.

DUI under 21/safety restraint violation/no driver’s license/ open container of alcohol while driving/attempt to purchase alcohol under 21
Highway 84 and Cypress Street
May 22, 2007

During a traffic stop, deputies discovered the driver had alcoholic beverages in his vehicle, one of which was open. When asked for ID, deputies discovered the man was driving without his license and that he was under 21. He was also driving without wearing his seatbelt. He was arrested, charged and later released on bond.

Possession crack cocaine with intent to distribute a controlled substance/safety restraint violation
Coastal Manor MHP and Tibet Road
Long County
May 24, 2007

Deputies stopped a blue Pontiac at a safety checkpoint at the exit of Coastal Manor MHP. As the deputies approached the vehicle they noticed the driver was not wearing his seatbelt and appeared to be nervous. The deputies had a K-9 unit with them and walked the dog around the vehicle. The dog alerted indicating drugs were in the vehicle. The man was asked to step out of the vehicle and cooperated by pulling a small plastic bag out of his pocket and handing it to one of the deputies. It contained several small white rocks believed to be crack cocaine. The man was handcuffed and arrested and the MACE unit was notified.

Burglary/criminal trespass
Route 3 Box 40 X 2
May 27, 2007

A neighbor used his vehicle to block the exit of a man who was removing items from a residence. The man told the neighbor they were his items and he had permission from the owner to remove them. The neighbor then informed the man that he called police and they were on their way. The man then got into his vehicle and drove through a wooden fence to escape. The homeowner informed deputies that the items did belong to the man, but she did not know he was going to take them. She did not pursue charges.

— Patty Leon

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