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Long County Sheriff's Department
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May 1, 2007
Route 3, Box 27 A-B

Deputies, en route to assist with fires, were rerouted in reference to a man in violation of a temporary restraining order. It was the second call received that day from the complainant stating the man kept returning. When deputies arrived, the offender was sitting on the porch. When he was asked to stand and place his hands behind his back, the man staggered slightly. The deputies reported they detected an odor of alcohol about the man. The offender was arrested.

Aggravated assault
May 5, 2007
North Route 2 Box 89

A fight between two men left one badly beaten and bloody. One of the men phoned a woman and stopped by to see her after she told him not to do so. When he arrived, he saw the second man speaking with the woman and began throwing punches. When deputies arrived, the offender fled. DNA samples were collected. A warrant was issued for the offender. A deputy contacted the suspect by phone and told him of the warrant and let him know that he would be arrested. The suspect stated he would turn himself in to law enforcement.

Possession of Marijuana
May 6, 2007
Georgia Highway 38

Deputies checked on a truck in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church. A passenger was seated in the vehicle while another man was beside it looking into the bed. As deputies approached the vehicle, the man beside the truck appeared nervous. A deputy looked into the bed of the truck and found what appeared to be clear bags containing a green leafy substance. The deputy placed the man under arrest and asked the passenger of the vehicle to exit the truck. After complying, the man was searched but nothing was found on his person. The deputy later searched the vehicle and found clear plastic wrappers that contained pills. MACE agents were notified and took everything as evidence. The vehicle was released to the passenger. Later, the passenger turned himself in and claimed ownership of the marijuana. He was placed under arrest.

Found contraband
May 11, 2007
Georgia Highway 57

During a joint Long County and MACE agency road check, a partial marijuana cigarette was found about 200 meters south of the road check on the side of the road. The item was confiscated and destroyed.

Reckless conduct
May 14, 2007
Country Manor MHP

Complainants reported they were afraid someone was going to get injured or killed when a man pulled up in his vehicle and began fighting with their neighbors. They said the man had a shotgun but never pointed it or pulled it out, but were concerned the situation might get out of control.

Burglary/theft by taking
May 14, 2007
Route 1, Box 240

Someone took an air conditioner unit worth $2,000 from a temporarily abandoned home. The resident said the house has been uninhabited following a fire. The offenders also tried to take the entire power pole and meter box, but were unsuccessful.

Domestic dispute
May 18, 2007
Route 3 Box 40

Complainants reported they arrived home to find two men they previously dated in their residence without their permission. When the women confronted the men about being in the house, one of them became agitated and started a physical altercation. The woman was thrown against a nightstand in the bedroom and sustained bruises. When the deputies arrived, the man fled and hid in the bushes. Deputies searched the area but did not locate him. Once the deputies left the scene, it was reported the man returned to the area, but fled.

May 20, 2007
Highway 196

A man, ejected from a soccer game for “aggressive play” reportedly knocked a referee to the ground. He was then kicked when of the team joined in kicking him while he was on the ground. He was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center.

Criminal trespass
May 20, 2007
Spring Creek

A woman reported she was in the rear bedroom of her house when someone broke a window, and she saw two men  running from the scene. Deputies found a 2x4 board outside the bedroom window.

Report crime
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