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Long County Sheriff's Office June 17
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Burglary/theft by taking
May 14, 2007
Route 1, Box 240

Someone took an air conditioner unit worth $2,000 from a temporarily abandoned home. The resident said the house has been uninhabited following a fire. The offenders also tried to take the whole power pole and meter box but were unsuccessful.
Domestic dispute
May 18, 2007
Route 3 Box 40

Complainants reported they arrived home to find two men they previously dated in their residence without their permission. When the ladies confronted the men about being in the house, one of them became agitated and started a physical altercation. The woman was thrown against the nightstand in the bedroom and sustained bruises. When the deputies arrived, the man fled and hid in the bushes. Deputies searched the area but did not locate him. Once the deputies left the scene, it was reported the man returned to the area but fled.
May 20, 2007
Highway 196

A man, ejected from a soccer game for aggressive play, reportedly knocked a referee to the ground. He was then kicked when some of the team joined in kicking him while he was on the ground. He was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center.
Criminal trespass
May 20, 2007
Spring Creek

A woman reported she was in the rear bedroom of her house when someone broke her window, and she saw two males running from the scene. Deputies found a 2x4 board outside the bedroom window.
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