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MACE blotter for March 25
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Feb. 3
Kayleen Mitchell, 44, was charged with the sale of a controlled substance when she allegedly sold nine Percocet pills to an undercover agent. She also faces a charge of using a communication device for conducting transactions over her cell phone. Agents later searched her Hinesville residence and reportedly found more pills. She is currently out on bond. She is originally from the state of Washington where MACE Commander Al Cato said she had a similar history and was known among authorities.

Feb. 4
LCSO deputies stopped a blue Jeep Cherokee in the Isle of Wight area of Midway and allegedly saw the driver toss something out the car window. According to Cato, officers recovered 13 grams of what appeared to be powdered cocaine. They also found two grams of suspected marijuana and a MDMA pill. Alvin Lee Golden was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of marijuana, possession of MDMA and traffic violations. He is currently out on bond.
Feb. 5
Crystal Wheeler, 25, faces a charge of sale of crack cocaine for allegedly selling two grams of crack to undercover agents. Cato said the agency is currently working on seizing her car for auction. Later the same day, Cato said a female acquaintance of Wheeler, Heather Walker, was charged with several counts of sale of cocaine in Liberty and Long counties for roughly five grams of crack cocaine she reportedly sold to undercover agents. Walker was arrested at her Walthourville mobile home in Ogden’s Mobile Home Park. Wheeler has a previous arrest when she and Mitchell Plunkett were arrested in September 2008 for theft by receiving a stolen firearm. Cato said the three are part of small network authorities have been closing in on.

Feb. 11
In January, MACE agents were searching for a fugitive during a sting that netted 24 offenders, mostly juveniles in a reported prescription drug ring. During the search for Christopher Hair at a home in Midway they found and arrested Hair’s ex-girlfriend Sara Hill for misdemeanor marijuana. She was taken away and left her child with a man authorities said was found hiding in a bathroom. The man was later identified as Hills’ current husband Aaron. He is reportedly a registered sex offender and was not supposed to be left alone with a child. The Hills now face new charges of reckless conduct.

Feb. 13
The GSP was conducting a road check on Highway 119 and Dunlevie Road when they saw a car make an illegal U-turn as if to avoid the check point. The deputies followed and stopped the vehicle. The driver, Wilkes Bass, 28, a soldier from Fort Stewart, was allegedly found with 17 grams of suspected marijuana and a baggy full of what authorities suspect to be hallucinogenic mushrooms. He was charged with possession of marijuana and may face charges once the mushrooms are tested.

Feb. 20
During a MACE search at Bradwell Institute administrators decided to conduct a search for cell phones and electronics as well.  According to Cato, administrators confiscated several electronic devices and were tagging them to return them to parents and students at the end of the school day. While checking one of the classrooms a student, Dwayne Patrick Quicksey, 18, was charged with terroristic threats when he threatened to strike a teacher if he touched his cell phone. In a different classroom, a minor was arrested for allegedly possessing a misdemeanor quantity of marijuana.

March 5
An arrest in January netted yet another arrest when agents were able to track down the owner of a gun found on the Walthourville property along with a bag full of suspected marijuana. Cato said when they first went to the property with the search warrant a car drove away as agents were approaching. The car was stopped and checked and the driver was questioned, but released. Later agents determined a gun found on the property belonged to the driver, Christopher Green, 21. He is charged with theft by receiving of stolen property and possession of a firearm by a felon. Cato said they plan to forward the case to the ATF under operation Cease Fire. Green lives in Hinesville.
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