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MACE blotter for May 30
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• April 22
The Multi Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force agents recently wrapped up an investigation of the excessive purchases of Sudafed by a group of individuals. The investigation started in January and a majority of the folks involved were apprehended on April 22. According to MACE Unit Commander Al Cato, current laws limit the amount of Sudafed someone can buy and the folks on this list were repeatedly exceeding the amount, along with conspiring with others to get Sudafed.
An ingredient in Sudafed, pseudoephedrine, is commonly used to manufacture methamphetamines. According to federal statutes, daily sales of the common cold formula is not to exceed 3.6 grams without regard to the number of transactions and a retrievable record including the name and address of the purchasers are to be kept for two years.
Cato said the suspects were primarily from Wayne County. Those arrested were: Glenn Cruise, 61, Peggy Hendley, 51, Lilly Robinson, 23, Don Robinson, 25, David Shaut, 30, Jennifer Kramer, 40, Michael Busler 39, Crystal Steedley, 25, Scott Jordan, 26, and Mason Cane, 28. Cato said they all know each other. The purchases were traced from Wayne County all the way to Chatham County. More arrests are pending in the case. The suspects are being charged with criminal attempt to manufacture methamphetamines and conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamines.
Cato said the Wayne County Sheriff Deaprtment arrested the ring leaders Paula, 45, and Phillip Williams, 43, when deputies went to investigate allegations of drug manufacturing at the couple's Wayne County home. Cato said deputies discovered a methamphetamine lab during their search of the house. The couple are charged with criminal attempt to manufacture methamphetamine.  
• May 5
Hinesville Police officers were patrolling when they were sent to respond to a silent alarm at a home in the Hawthorne Subdivision. According to Cato, police found the back door cracked open so they went inside and did a sweep of the house. In doing so they reportedly stumbled across an indoor growing operation.
Cato said his agents were notified and seized 11 plants suspected to be marijuana and 30 Ecstasy pills. Cato said the pills were sorted, based on the type of Ecstasy and were separated into packets for sale.
The homeowner, Jeremiah Jaman, an E-6 and reportedly a highly decorated soldier was arrested and charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of a firearm during a crime, possession with intent to distribute Ecstasy and tools of the crime.
Jarman, 33, is said to be responsible for conducting the periodic urine tests for his military unit. Agents seized an ACER lap top computer, 40-caliber pistol, growing lights, marijuana growing manuals and assorted seeds.
• May 26
Following up on a criminal investigation regarding a Wayne County methamphetaime manufacturing ring (see April 22 above) MACE was able to track down and arrest more suspected conspirators. Among the new arrests were  Deborah Moody, 50, from Wayne County. She faces one count of criminal attempt to manufacture methamphetamine. Tina Burchell, 45, is charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and Gerri Clemons, 40, was charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. Burchell and Clemons are also from Wayne County.

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