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Man arrested for drugs, trashes jail cell
0930 Long wreck drugs
Remains of the commode and sink that Goode was charged with breaking litter a holding cell at the LPD jail. - photo by Ludowici Police photo
A Ludowici man who was involved in a wreck that killed a 17-year-old was arrested last week for possession of illegal drugs.
According to Ludowici Police Department Investigator Sal Genualdi, Jonathon Goode, 22, was arrested Sept. 23 at the Flash Food Exxon station on Highway 84 by LPD Officer Luis Perez.
Perez said that on Tuesday night, Goode’s grandmother, Kathy Goode, told police her grandson had been drinking and was driving her white GMC truck. Perez said Kathy Goode also told him there may have been a loaded .38 caliber pistol in the truck, which she thought police needed to be aware of.
Perez said at around 4:30 a.m. Sept. 23, he received a call that a vehicle resembling the one in question was at the Flash Food Exxon station. Perez said when he arrived, the vehicle was parked next to the gas pumps, Goode was on the passenger side of the truck and no one was in the driver’s seat.
According to Genualdi, Perez then found who he believed to be the driver of the vehicle, Ren Thieus, also of Ludowici. Genualdi said Perez questioned Thieus and asked him if he’d been driving the truck. The man said he was not driving the vehicle.
Perez said when he went to talk to Goode, he was passed out in the passenger seat. Perez patted down Goode to see if he was carrying a pistol. He was not; however, the officer said he did see a plastic bag hanging out of Goode’s pocket. It appeared to contain a powder substance, resembling cocaine.
Perez put Goode in his patrol car and, according to the officer, the suspect kicked the window of the vehicle and attempted to break it.
Perez drove Goode to the Ludowici Police Department and conducted a field test on the substance found in the suspect’s pocket. The test indicated the substance was cocaine. Goode was arrested and booked into the jail.
Genualdi said that later that morning, police heard a loud noise coming from Goode’s holding cell, and when officers went to investigate, they found the suspect had broken the ceramic sink basin and commode in his cell.
Genualdi said Goode was charged with possession of cocaine, procession of a controlled substance schedule 4 Xanax and interference with government property, all which are felonies. In addition, he also was charged with possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct and obstruction of a law enforcement officer while doing his duty.
According to LPD Chief Richard Robertson, Goode was denied bond by Long County Magistrate Judge Brenda Wingate and is currently incarcerated in the Ware County Jail in Waycross.
In May, Goode was involved in a wreck that killed Cody Dalton Chaney, 17. The vehicle Goode was driving struck the rear end of the truck the teen was riding in. At the time of the wreck, Chaney, a student at the Fort Stewart Youth Challenge, was headed back to Wayne County to attend his senior prom. His stepfather was driving the truck Chaney was riding in.
The Georgia State Patrol Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team has been investigating the wreck since it occurred, but no charges against Goode have been filed.
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