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Man charged for allegedly attacking officer with screwdriver
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LUDOWICI — A man, who had been ordered to leave the city, was charged with attacking a city police officers last week.
At around 9:20 p.m. on March 10, officers from the Ludowici Police Department were called to Liberty Street, where a woman reported a man had threatened her daughter.
Investigator Sal Genualdi and Officer Luis Perez searched around the home, looking for suspects, but found none.
The woman told officers the man who had made the threats was James Shimchick, 58.
The officers went to a McDonald Street residence where they believed Shimchick was.
According to Genualdi, as he drove his cruiser into the driveway of the residence, Shimchick ran up, jumped in the passenger side and attacked him.
Genualdi said they exchanged punches and the windshield of the vehicle was broken.
As they fought, Perez pulled his Taser and shot Shimchick in the back, immobilizing him. With Shimchick on the ground, Genualdi handcuffed him.
Perez told Genualdi he saw a weapon in Shimchick’s hand. Genualdi said he had not seen a weapon, but as the officers searched around the police car they found a flat tip screwdriver on the ground.
A Long County EMS unit had been called and checked both Genualdi and Shimchick. The investigator said neither was hurt seriously.
Shimchick was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, making terroristic threats, obstruction of an officer, violating probation and cruelty to a child in the second degree.
According to Genualdi, four children, ranging in ages from 4-13, saw the fight and may have been traumatized.
According to the police report, Shimchick had already been told earlier that night by Genualdi, that the Ludowici City Council had decided the man could no longer live in Ludowici, and had until March 12 to be out of the city.
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