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Man runs car into chlorine storage building
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A wrong turn Wednesday morning found the driver on the wrong side of the law.
According to Hinesville Police Traffic Investigator Lt. Max McLendon, David Bush, 27, was driving his 2003 Audi A-4 on Airport Road about 2 a.m.  when he apparently turned off the main road into a driveway leading to Hinesville Fire Department Station 2. He struck a building containing chlorine canisters used to disinfect the cities water supply.
After striking the building, Bush is accused of leaving the scene and driving onto Airport Road where he was spotted
by Hinesville Patrolman Frank Gallob. Smoke was  coming from the engine of his Audi.
At that point, the Hinesville Fire Department, which is several feet from  the damaged building, was dispatched to the scene of the traffic stop for a vehicle fire.
Upon arrival, they discovered there was no fire and left. According to Lt. Mike Alamo, when the unit returned to the fire station, the men noticed the damaged building, crushed fence and strewn chlorine canisters. Alamo said he called 911 and asked them to check the Audi pulled over by Gallob for damage
Bush, who is assigned to the 92nd engineers, was arrested and charged with reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence.  Bush was taken to Winn Army Community Hospital on Fort Stewart, treated for minor injuries and released to the military police.
The cost to repair the damage is unknown,  according to Robert Norby, director of Operations Management International, the city’s public works contractor.
“We’re assessing what it will cost to make the repairs to the building and the fence line.” Norby said.   The canisters, which were not damaged in the accident, were moved to another part of the building.  If a cannister had  released gas, Norby said, it would have expanded and possibly caused irritation to the eyes and nose.  
“We’re fortunate none of the canisters ruptured.”  
Authorities are considering reinforcing the building in the event of another mishap.
Hinesville Police Traffic Investigator Jassen Garrett is heading up the investigation.
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