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Man steals extension cords, leaves bag of starch
Hinesvill PD blotter for May 10

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Burglary: An officer sent to a Hendry Street address around 9:45 a.m. May 4 was told by the complaint “that on this date at 0930 hours he walked to the rear entrance of the business and found that a bag of starch had been left outside.”

The man said he checked the video to see who left the starch and “at the 0831 mark of the video, there was a tall white male with short brown hair, tan shorts, and black tennis shoes who entered the rear of the business and used the restroom. He then searched through toolboxes and took three 100 foot long extension cords. He also picked up a bag of starch and left it on the ground outside the residence.”

The complainant said he didn’t care about the extension cords. The report ended with a “but.”

Theft: Welcome to Hinesville, Starbucks. A man reported May 4 he left a company work trailer parked behind the new store and when he came back the next morning it was gone and so were all the tools inside.

Found substance: School employees at Taylors Creek reported May 4 that while outside monitoring the school’s field day a staff member “found a silver tube containing a vial filled with a brown powder like substance.”

She gave it to the principal, who called police.

The report didn’t say what the substance was.

Damage to property: Folks were busy May 4. An officer sent to the Econolodge was shown “a large obvious hole in the wall,” by the motel manager, who said it was caused by a woman who hadn’t yet paid the $80 he said it would cost to fix it. The manager said he’d tried several times to call her and gave the officer the woman’s sell phone number.

DUI: Dispatchers put out a BOLO on Friday afternoon for a car heading down Highway 84 on a flat tire.

Then another call went out that the driver of the car was inside a Parker’s convenience store “causing a disturbance.”

The reporting officer got there and a witness pointed to another woman sitting inside a car with a flat tire. The witness said she had the woman’s keys, because she was too drunk to drive and had tried to drive away.

As the officer approached the car, “I saw (the woman behind the wheel) pick up a bottle of Bacardi rum, drink the remainder of the contents, and put the bottle on the right rear passenger floor,” he reported.

The officer smelled alcohol on the woman’s breath, she had trouble talking and so on. She refused to do a field sobriety test and was arrested.

The officer then went to talk to the store manager, who said the woman “came in to the store and wanted an employee to fix her flat tire. When (she) was told the store did not repair a tire repair service, she became very loud causing a disturbance so (the manager) called 911.”

The woman was taken to HPD and gave officers a difficult time. She was taken to jail, but during the incident the woman told the officer “the reason she was drinking is because her son recently had open heart surgery at Atlanta and she was worried about him.”

The officer noted “When I asked her where her son was, she told me he was alone at the house.”

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