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Mapping finished for Long 911
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GIS specialist Karl Larson said one of the most difficult steps to implement E-911 calling in Long County has been completed.
During a Long County E-911 Committee and GeoComm monthly meeting Thursday, the GeoComm employee said mapping for the emergency calling system had been finished.
The map portion has been one of the most detailed and timely task of the project, Larson said, noting it required the naming of every road in the county and city.
With the county having so many rural areas, and with several roads having duplicate names, each road had to be identified and named individually, Larson said.
With the maps completed, the addressing of each residence can now begin.
Committee member Mike McGowan said each address will be based upon the road name, quadrant identification and actual address number.

Larson also said that once the addressing was completed, residents would get letters from GeoComm informing them of their new addresses, but the address would not actually take effect until a second letter was received from the post office. 
GeoComm communications consultant Ron Bloom also informed the group the preliminary building designs for the Wiregrass E-911 Center were presented during a meeting in March. It will be built in Darien. Long and McIntosh counties are developing the system together.
“There may still be some revisions, but even with any minor changes, once the renovations begin, it should take around four months to complete,” Bloom said.
Larson informed committee members that the Long County equipment survey had been completed, but there still was some information needed about radio equipment.
GeoComm account manager Deb Blanchard said a joint meeting between GeoComm and leaders from both counties would be scheduled this month.
“Right now, everything is right on track in your county.  I have talked to Luther (Smart, McIntosh County manger) and everything is looking good there too.  But we need to all get together to make sure we iron out a few details,” Blanchard said.

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