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Men suspected of having sex in park bathroom
Hinesville PD blotter for Sept. 18

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Loitering: An officer was dispatched to the Liberty County Recreation Department at Stafford Park around 4 a.m. Sept. 7 because two men were "having sex in the women’s bathroom," a report said.

The officer found two men heading toward a car when he got to the park, and they said they saw two men go into the bathroom and stay there a long time. The men told the officer "when they both went to check it out they could see someone was inside a stall on their phone. They believed someone was having sex and started to leave."

As that officer was talking to the two men, another officer saw someone running from Stafford Park toward nearby apartments. Police "made contact," with that person, who turned out to be a runaway juvenile.

"(He) confirmed (the two men the officer talked to) were in the bathroom having sex while he was in a stall hiding. Both men did not know (the runaway) was in the stall until he started to leave."

Both men "had been previously advised by (officers) that the parks were closed after 2300 hours. They were advised again …."

Damage to property: A man and his mother-in-law told police Sept. 6 they saw a woman vandalizing cars outside the Medical Arts Building.

The man said they were in the parking lot of the building when they "witnessed a white female with blond hair scratching the passenger door on a gray Volvo," a report said, adding that the man walked his mother-in-law inside the building and then came back out and found scratches on his car as well.

He also saw the woman get into a blue car, and he snapped a photo of the tag. It was registered to a Ludowici woman.

As for the gray Volvo, the car’s owner told the officer she suspected her grandfather’s ex-wife, who also sat parked outside the building on Sept. 1.

The officer contacted authorities in Long County, but they were unable to "make contact" with the suspect.

The Volvo had "big circles and lines" scratched in from the front passenger side quarter panel to the right rear quarter panel. The man who reported the incident had scratches on his rear passenger side door. Both owners were told how to get a copy of the report.

Shoplifting: Here’s a sort of new one. Police were sent to an auto parts store Sept. 7 where an assistant manager said as he walked into the store he saw a regular customer, described as tall and slim, walking out with a battery.

As he got into the store, the assistant manager saw a shorter man who is usually with the tall man leave the store. He then spotted the manager, and asked him if he’d just sold a battery and was told no.

So, the assistant manager told the manager to call the cops and then went back outside, where he asked the shorter man for a receipt for the battery. "They could not provide one," the report said, noting the shorter man gave the assistant manager the battery back and then drove off.

The assistant manager took the battery back inside, checked the area where he’d seen the shorter man and noticed "several LED lighting strips missing."

Both men are suspects.

Simple assault: From a Sept. 2 report comes what was originally called in from the Econo Lodge parking lot as a hit and run. The victim told officers "he observed a Hispanic male … repeatedly hitting his head against the trunk of a white vehicle …."

That man then got into an SUV driven by another man, and the victim "attempted to stop the SUV from leaving the parking lot. He stood in front of the SUV … and said to the driver ‘you’re not going anywhere.’"

Instead, the driver "pulled forward and hit his legs several times until (the victim) got out from in front of it. The vehicle then sped through the parking lot and entered Gen. Stewart Way," the report said, noting the victim, who had red knees but refused EMS, was not drunk.

The officer then went to talk to the motel receptionist, who said the white vehicle was hers. They checked out the damage, which consisted of a "slight dent," the report said, adding, "The dent did not appear to have been caused by a person’s head."

The receptionist didn’t have access to security video, but could get it if necessary. She and the victim were given the case number.

Simple battery: An officer was sent to Link Terrace Apartments on Sept. 4. There, he met with a woman who said she and her husband had issues with neighbors. The woman said she was outside "washing their catch pan for the dog cage and (their neighbors) came out and started yelling."

The woman claimed the wife "started charging her" so her husband stepped in between the two of them "in order to stop a physical altercation." That prompted the other husband to put the woman’s husband in a headlock while his wife started hitting the woman’s husband. The woman said she pushed the wife "to stop her from hitting her husband and (the wife) fell over one of the shrubs next to the apartment," the report said. "When (the woman) said she was going to call the police," the neighbors "walked back over to their apartment."

The woman’s husband said much the same, and showed the officer his broken glasses. He had cuts on his nose and "cuts on the tragus of his ear," the officer noted.

When the officer talked to the neighbors, the wife blamed it on the other woman. "She said that (the woman) attacked her by hitting her and pushed her over the shrubs. I observed (her) eye that was red and watering. (She) said she did not know when or how it happened."

As for what might’ve prompted all this, the neighbors said they shared a spigot "and his water hose has been there for almost 10 years," the report said. "He said he went and bought a ‘Y’ connector so someone else could screw in another water hose. He said that he has asked them several times to stay on their side when they wash the catch pan off. He said (the husband) will … splash feces on his hose and he has to watch where he steps so he does not get dog feces on his shoes." He said he didn’t want to press charges and didn’t say anything about the fight.

Both couples were given case numbers.

Fraud: Walmart reported two women they claim used fake coupons to make purchases at both Walmart Neighborhood Markets in Hinesville. The women completed the transactions using Walmart gift cards, then a woman claiming to live in South Carolina called the store to say two transactions on the gift cards - one for $626.61, another for $598.61 - were made without her authorization.

In a separate report, the two women were spotted on video using the following "fraudulent" coupons on Sept. 2 at the Neighborhood Market near Highway 84 and Gen. Stewart Way: 40 $10 off coupons for paper towels and eight $4 coupons for sandwich bags.

The women, who went through a self-checkout line, also got a cash refund, then went to get gas. Walmart was able to "recover" the money from the gift cards, and gave police photos of the women.

Simple assault, disorderly conduct: A woman told HPD she was approached Sept. 4 by a man at an Oglethorpe Highway car wash who asked if he could wash her car.

"She told him no. The black male then turned around, yelled (an obscenity) and pulled out a pistol with a suppressor on it. She became worried that he would attack her with the gun after he pulled the gun out. He began ‘waving the pistol around’ but did not point it at (the woman). The male left the scene and walked westbound on Highway 84 until he was picked up by either a Hispanic or white male driving a (white Chevy pickup)."

A witness corroborated the woman’s story. Police checked around the area but didn’t find the man. They also asked to check the video camera at a laundromat next door, but "employees advised that they didn’t know how to operate the camera system."

Domestic: An officer was sent to a Meadow Lake Drive address Sept. 7 regarding a fight between a brother and sister. The sister said the fight started "because she told her brother to wash the dishes after dinner and he got upset," the report said. "(She) stated her brother punched her in the face and pushed her onto a footrest."

The brother said "his sister told him to wash the dishes after dinner and started calling him different offensive names. (He) stated his sister started pushing him and she ‘mushed’ him in the face. (He) also stated he got out of the chair he was sitting in and pushed his sister after she continuously pushed him. (He) advised he did not punch his sister in the face."

The officer noted he didn’t see any signs the brother punched the sister, but "while talking to both parties (she) did not deny hitting her brother first but stated several times ‘I did not know he was going to punch me like a stranger in the streets.’"

Due to the conflicting stories, no arrest was made and both were given a case number.

"Both parties also remained on scene to wait for their father to arrive," the report ended.

Found property: A South Pointe Drive woman reported Sept. 4 she found a "gray pouch" inside her barbecue grill. The woman said she opened the grill, which she hadn’t used since Mother’s Day, to clean it and found the pouch sitting on the grate. She said she opened the pouch and it had white powder inside, so she called police.

The report said the pouch had plastic bags with baggies inside, and some white powder. It was confiscated and investigators were notified.

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