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Midway robbery victim describes ordeal
Armed men hold up second-hand store
Items around a counter inside the store include an old record player, bottles and packing material. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
In a bold, mid-afternoon robbery, two men held Raina Wolford at gunpoint and ran off with the cash box and a store item from Pojo’s Treasures and Things on Thursday in Midway.
Wolford, 23, daughter of owners Polly and Albert Wolford, said she was alone at the store when the men entered the building at about 1 p.m. and inquired about a bike that was sitting outside the store.
She said they told her they would return with the money to purchase the bike.
About 30 minutes to an hour later, she said, one of the men returned to the store.
“He came inside and started to look around. He didn’t mention the bike again,” she said.  The man continued to walk around the store and looked at a Precious Moments lamp.
“This time he asked me about the lamp and said he would come back later to buy it,” she noted.
About one hour later, he entered the store again.
The man was described as a dark skinned black male approximately 6’3” tall and weighing around 320 pounds, wearing a black shirt and red sweat pants.
“He came in and went and got the lamp and brought it to the counter to purchase it,” she said.
“When I was getting ready to collect the money, the other man walked in and began to walk around the counter like he was shopping,” Wolford said.
The second man was described as a short, black male no taller than 5’5 and weighing around 140-160 pounds. He was seen wearing a white hat with a brim that covered most of his face and according to Wolford walked with a distinguishable limp.
“While the guy was pulling his money out to pay for the lamp, the shorter man came in,” she said “Before I could do anything, he walked into the room where I was standing and suddenly I felt the gun at the back of my head.”
The shorter man then told the taller man to tie Wolford up.
“He put my arms behind my back and duct taped my wrists together. The short guy asked me where the money was and I showed him where we keep the cash box, she said, noting the tall man took the cash box that contained approximately $150 and left the room and building, also taking the lamp.”
Wolford said the shorter man hesitated briefly and looked around the room before leaving.   
She said the shorter man opened the front door one more time and peered in as if to verify that she was still in the same spot and to ensure no one else was visible. He then closed the door.
Frozen with fear, Wolford stood still for several seconds before running to the front door and locking it. In a state of panic, she called her mother before dialing 911.
“I realize now in hindsight that they came in two different times like they were casing the store,” she said. “I think the second time they came in they would have robbed me but there was a customer here so they left and came back again and found me alone.”
Although extremely shaking, Wolford sustained no injuries.
“I’m mad. I feel like I was violated even though I was not injured,” she said.
Wolford was unable to see the direction the men went when they left, but was able to provide a partial description of the vehicle.
Officials from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department were quickly on scene to gather evidence and they will be sending a composite artist to sit with Wolford to create a sketch of the taller offender.
The Coastal Courier will make attempts to get a copy of the composite to post on the Web site.
Anyone with information about this crime should contact the Liberty County Sheriff's Deparatment immediately.

About the suspects
Description of tall suspect
Dark skinned black male
320 pounds
Wearing a black shirt, red sweat pants, and wearing a strong smelling cologne
Short suspect
Black male
140-160 pounds
Wearing jeans, white shoes and a white hat with a brim that covered most of his face. He also had a black bandana  he slipped over the rest of his face during the robbery.

Getaway vehicle
The vehicle the suspect used to leave the scene was described as a gold, light tan or cream colored four-door sedan.
It is possibly a 2000-2004 Ford Taurus.
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