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'Mint' doesn't deliver purchased coins
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Oct. 21

Recent reports filed at the Liberty County Sheriff's Office included:

Oct. 1
• Fraudulent attempts to obtain refunds (allegedly) — A complainant said that a man contacted him about buying coins from the Mint State Group. The complainant said he authorized a purchase in the amount of $2,995 to be debited from his account, and that he later received a receipt of purchase in the mail, but never received the coins. When he contacted the seller, the man said he no longer worked for the company, and that the Mint State Group was under investigation. The complainant said he called the company but was unable to reach anyone.

Oct. 2
• Knowingly driving motor vehicle on suspended license — After the Automated License Plate Recognition system alerted an officer that a Dodge Challenger’s owner had suspended insurance, the officer initiated a traffic stop on Old Sunbury Road. The driver told the officer that he had been stopped by another officer a few weeks prior, and said that officer told him that as long as he had the citation with him, he was OK to drive and to take care of the insurance when he could. The driver was arrested for driving on a suspended registration.
• Battery — An officer was dispatched to Deer Trail Lane in Midway in reference to a domestic dispute. The male complainant said he had been hit in the head by the female offender with a broom. He was bleeding from the right side of his head. He stated he had been asleep when she began arguing with him, at which point he went outside to sit in a chair. It was then that she grabbed the broom and hit him with it. The woman had vacated the property and officers were not able to make contact with her.
• Simple battery — A complainant on Fox Lane in Fleming said that she was in the kitchen washing dishes when the offender grabbed her from behind. As the complainant turned around, she said the offender punched her in the mouth. She said she then grabbed her to prevent her from hitting her again, and that she left after the incident.

Oct. 5
• Driving under the influence of alcohol — An officer initiated a traffic stop on Georgia Highway 25 after observing a vehicle weaving from the shoulder and across both lanes. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage. When the officer asked the driver if he’d been drinking, the driver said he had consumed two beers. The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle, and the driver made slow movements and appeared unsteady. The driver refused to consent to testing and was arrested for DUI.

Oct. 6
• Possession of marijuana, DUI, obstructing at intersection — An officer initiated a traffic stop after observing a vehicle stopped in the intersection of GA 38 and GA 196 East. Upon approaching the vehicle, the driver informed the officer that her window did not go down. When she opened the driver door, the officer smelled alcohol, and observed the driver’s bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. A search of her car did not yield any contraband. The driver consented to a chemical test for alcohol, and showed a positive reading of 0.173. She then was arrested for DUI. As she was being helped into the patrol car, she dropped a small bag of marijuana on the ground. She said she didn’t have anything else on her.
• Purchase, possession or have control of controlled substance, possession of open alcohol container — After observing a vehicle make two turns without using a turn signal, the officer initiated a traffic stop. The driver told the officer she was heading to her home on South Main Street, but when the officer told her she was heading the wrong way, she seemed confused. She also appeared nervous and was visibly shaking. A K-9 unit arrived and conducted a free-air sniff test. After showing a positive response, the driver said she used marijuana, but didn’t have anything else on her. A search of the vehicle yielded a bag of crack cocaine and a bag of cocaine.

Oct. 7
• DUI, Speeding in excess of maximum limits, weaving over roadway — A 35-year-old Pooler resident was stopped at 7:17 a.m. on I-95 mile marker 172. The man was traveling north at 90 miles per hour. The deputy went after the vehicle, and as he approached it, he could see the man’s van was weaving. When the driver finally pulled over, the deputy could smell alcohol on him and could see and smell what appeared to be vomit on the man’s pants. The man initially agreed to take a sobriety test but then said there was no need to because he knew he was drunk. The man was arrested and taken to the Midway Police Department, where he was given a breathalyzer test. The results were .314 then .308.

Oct. 11
• DUI, driving while license suspended — A 36-year-old Midway man was arrested for DUI after a deputy saw him climbing from the driver’s side of his vehicle at Joseph Miller Park. The man repeatedly told the deputy he had not been drinking but his speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol. He submitted to a breathalyzer, which came back positive.  His passenger, a 23-year-old female, was found to have a suspended license. When asked about another car parked nearby, the female said it was her brother’s car and asked the deputy to allow her to retrieve her flip-flops from that vehicle. At that point, the deputy noted the driver’s seat was pulled up to the steering wheel, as though a short person had been driving. The woman then admitted she had driven the car from Tru Playas nightclub. She was arrested for driving on a suspended license. The man was allowed to call someone to come get his vehicle. He called his brother, who arrived and showed the deputy his license. It then was learned he, too, was driving with a suspended license.

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