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Motorcycle thefts on rise in area
melanie hangs poster
Melanie Albright hangs a poster giving information about her husband's stolen motorcycle. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Melanie Albright spent Friday morning wallpapering Hinesville with signs offering a reward for information about her husband’s motorcycle, which was stolen from the couple’s driveway Thursday.
She paused often to talk with passersby about the vehicle, describing it and expressing her anger regarding the theft.
After talking to neighbors and posting information on Craigslist, a network of online communities featuring free advertisements and notices, Albright said she received many responses from people around the area with similar stories. One after another, messages from motorcycle theft victims poured in, leading Albright’s to believe the incidents are not isolated.
“I heard about at least three other motorcycles being stolen,” she said hours after starting her crusade. “It’s not safe.”
Albright’s husband had an all-black Honda CBR 600 RR with red footpegs, which is a sport bike — the same type of motorcycle Hinesville Police Department detectives say is increasingly being reported stolen.
Lt. Chris Reid said thefts tend to come in spikes, but in the past month or month and a half, the spike in sport motorcycle thefts has climbed considerably.
“There has definitely been a spike recently,” Reid said. “We don’t have any leads yet.”
Reid is encouraging people to pay attention to their surroundings and immediately report any suspicious activity to the police. While he doesn’t have any evidence of a theft ring yet, Reid said it is possible the area is being targeted because of its heavy population of motorcyclists.
Even if she doesn’t get her husband’s bike back, Albright said she’s on a mission to at least let residents know they need to be extra cautious when securing their vehicles. She said it seems no part of the city is off limits to the thieves.
“I live right in the middle of town on Fleming Road,” she said. “In the middle of the night, someone just walked off with it.
Information about stolen motorcycles should be reported to the HPD at 368-8211. Albright can be reached at 312-0022.
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