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Officials seek new clues in missing woman case
Debora Gail Deloach Moody - photo by Courier file photo

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation recently confirmed that new leads in the Debora Gail Deloach Moody missing person case have encouraged them to search for more clues.
The 44-year-old Long County woman was reported missing by her uncle Randy Ray six days after she was last seen Dec. 4, 2007.

 GBI detective Stacy Carson confirmed Thursday that on May, 19, 2009, the bureau and Long County officials searched two locations close to where Moody was last seen.
“One of the areas was where Mrs. Moody lived at the time of her disappearance and another area was off of Elim Church Road,” Carson said.
Moody was reportedly last seen by her friend Lin Anderson, who said she dropped Moody off at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 4, at her home in Morris Place, near Highway 196.
Moody’s mother, Melanie Clark, said Friday that searches had been conducted where Moody’s mobile home sits and that cadaver dogs were used to search for the woman.
Carson said Moody’s body was not found, however, a few things were taken from the scene.
“At this time, we are not sure if they are even relevant to the case,” she said.
Carson was tightlipped about what prompted GBI to conduct the search, saying only that GBI follows up on every tip.
“It’s been an ongoing investigation,” she said.
During the initial investigation, everything — including Moody’s shoes, eyeglasses, purse and cat — was found undisturbed inside her home, but family members have said the doors were unlocked and all the lights and TVs were on.
“She would have never gotten in a car, even with a friend, without her cigarettes and having her shoes on,” Clark said. “She could not even see without her glasses.”
Bill Clark, Moody’s stepfather, said Thursday he heard GBI had a few persons of interest in the case.
Carson confirmed Bill Clark’s assertion, but said there haven’t been any arrests.
The Clarks, who live in Florida, said they hope more clues or people with information about their daughter’s whereabouts will turn up soon.
“We would like to think that every lead that they get would get us a little bit closer to some kind of closure or hopefully someday finding her,” Bill Clark said.  
“If anybody knows anything, sees anything or hears anything, please get in touch with GBI,” Melanie Clark said. “Because every little clue or little thing that you might not think is important, GBI might be able to use.”
Moody’s husband, Jeffrey Moody, who she was getting divorced from at the time of her disappearance, recently filed a petition with the Long County Probate Court requesting Moody be presumed dead.
Originally, the hearing was scheduled for April 6, but has been moved to June 3.
Jeffrey Moody could not be reached for comment.
The Clarks said Debora Moody’s son Christian Merrill, 24, will attend the hearing. It will be the first time the Northwest Florida State College student will be in the area since his mother’s disappearance two years ago.

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