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Pawn shop burglarized
Hinesville PD blotter for Nov. 22
Report crimes in the city to the Hinesville Police Department.

From Hinesville Police Department reports.

Suspicious acts: Police were called to the Ameris Bank ATM around 11 a.m. Nov. 11 because a man was trying to use a stolen credit card. Officers couldn’t find anyone fitting the description, the report said, but were told by dispatch that a man wanted an officer to call.

The officer who called was told the man was "head of security and investigations for the South State Bank in South Carolina" and "he stated that a skimmer of some sort of device had been used to obtain information for five different credit cards. An unknown Hispanic male had been caught on security cameras, in several different areas in Georgia and South Carolina inserting and utilizing some sort of device into ATMs to copy the credit card information for miscellaneous customers."

The five credit card numbers had been flagged, and "one of the five cards was used" in Hinesville, which prompted the security official to call 911.

The transaction was unsuccessful, and police were given a description of the man and told he’d been spotted in a white Toyota Highlander with "both a luggage rack on top and a bicycle rack on the back of the vehicle. He has also been known to be seen with a dog."

The case was turned over to a detective.

Burglary: Someone broke into Gold and Silver Pawn around 8 p.m. Nov. 12 by forcing their way into the back door. Security cameras showed a man wandering through the shop appearing and disappearing before he reappears, "picks up a large flat screen TV and disappears into the back room …."

Police found evidence at the scene and the owner of the pawnshop pulled up an image from an outside security camera that showed a man carrying several sacks toward a back door.

As for the TV, it "was a non-functional Visio 55-inch flat screen TV."

It was found by the back door.

Theft by taking: An officer was told Nov. 13 that a subcontractor for Dryden Enterprises spotted a man loading lumber onto a trailer near a home construction site in Griffin Park. Police found the man, who said he thought it was garbage and he’d take it back. But, a Dryden Enterprises employee told the officer the man had done something similar in the past and was told "not to take lumber from work sites at Griffin Park."

Assist citizen: A woman went to HPD on Nov. 13 to ask an officer to "document incidents that occurred in (Florida) with her children while they were with their father/ex-husband for the summer."

The woman said her kids, who are 7 and 5, told her their father "makes them hit (discipline) his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son," the report said. The woman said she talked to her ex-husband and he denied the claims.

She told the officer "she is concerned for the children in Florida and does not want her son to abuse people like his father," the report said. She was told she can call DFCS in Florida and request they do a welfare check. She was also given a case number.

Theft: An officer was sent to the UPS Store on Nov. 13 regarding employee theft. The officer met with the owner and manager, who reported the store is missing about $12,884 from store proceeds from the end of July to Nov. 8. The owner said they discovered the missing money when he did a sales audit and "began to find discrepancies in receipts and what should have been deposited in the store’s Wells Fargo account."

The store has only three employees, including the manager, and only the manager and one employee have the combination to the safe, and that employee recently turned in her notice. Police are investigating.

Driving without license, more: You’d think it would be rule No. 1 for folks driving without a license: Don’t do anything to attract the attention of the police. Well, on Nov. 13 an officer was "conducting speed enforcement" near Long Frasier Drive on Highway 84 when he "observed a silver vehicle passing other vehicles in the school zone," a report said. The officer clocked the guy doing 45 mph in the school zone, so the officer pulled the guy over. You guessed it. He didn’t have a license and the registration was suspended.

The guy was cited and released on his own recognizance, but the car was turned over to a licensed driver.

Suspicious acts: A man called police around 3:20 a.m. Nov. 4 because he said he thought someone was going to shoot him. The man said he was drinking at Cream Sportsbar and Lounge with friends and left around 2 a.m. He said he went to a female friend’s house on Pineland Avenue and "was hanging out with the female when he began to feel dizzy," the report said. "He advised he felt something bad was going to happen. He stated that he could see people who were trying to attack or kill him. (He) believes that someone may have ‘put something in his drink.’"

The officer reported the man was sweating and afraid. "(He) appeared to be paranoid and seeing people who were not present." The man wanted EMS, but it was cancelled after he changed his mind and asked an officer to take him to the emergency room. He was taken there and given a case number.

Unauthorized use of vehicle: A woman reported Nov. 8 that her mother-in-law "violated a written agreement they had regarding use of a vehicle during Hurricane Irma."

The woman said her mother-in-law, who evacuated in the car to New Jersey, was supposed to return the car. "Instead she drove to Daytona Beach … "and refused to give the car back."

Theft of government property: A Glenn Bryant man reported Nov. 9 that someone stole "a city poly cart." The man said he "placed his poly cart on the curb for trash pickup around 6:30 a.m. This afternoon when he went to retrieve it, he found it missing. The poly cart is green and bears unknown white numbers on the side."

The man was told how to get a copy of the report.

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