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Police officers apparently prevent suicide
Hinesville PD blotter for Aug. 20

Recent reports with the Hinesville Police Department included one of two officers, veterans themselves, talking a soldier out of committing suicide:

July 29
Battery (FVA), criminal trespass — Liberty County EMS reported an Olive Street domestic dispute to an officer.
The resident complained of injuries caused by her brother. She had a swollen bottom lip and left cheek. She told the officer that the fight began at Dollar General while she and her brother were waiting for a taxi. They had been drinking.
Her brother claimed that she had his cellphone. He then got angry and slapped her. When the taxi arrived, he threw her into the taxi. They still were arguing about the phone when they got back to her house, so she told him to leave.
When he was collecting his things, she went outside and slashed all four tires on his car to keep him from driving intoxicated. Her brother saw her doing this and began destroying her property, including her clothes and a Coach bag.
She had a neighbor call 911 for her, while her brother left on foot. She couldn’t tell which direction he went.

Theft by taking, bicycle — An officer went to Macarthur Drive because a woman’s bicycle was reported missing. It was last seen under the carport. She said it is a beach cruiser with a silver glitter frame, front and back orange fenders and handlebar grips.
It also has a white seat and yellow-green paint on it. She could not provide a serial number for the bike.

July 30
Criminal trespass — At Quality Cleaners on West Hendry Street, a complainant called an officer about a dent in her Chevrolet Malibu.
She believes it happened the previous night, but she didn’t notice the damage until the next morning when she arrived at work.

Hit and run — Two officers went to Olvey Field in reference to a hit and run. The complainant parked her car at Olvey Field, not noticing any damages.
When she returned to her car, there was a large dent on the passenger-side quarter panel and a black/brown mark on the bumper. She said she witnessed another woman struggling to park after the complainant had parked her car.
However, she could not describe the unknown woman’s vehicle.

Theft by shoplifting — An officer went to the Flash Foods on West Oglethorpe Highway in reference to alleged shoplifting. An employee noticed some beer missing from a six-pack.
When she reviewed the camera footage, she identified the suspect, who took a can of Budweiser Margaritaville beer and two bottles of Bud Light.
The footage also showed him putting the beers into his pockets before he walked out of the store.
She knew who the suspect was because she’s known him since childhood.
The employee gave the officer a CD with the camera footage on it.

July 31
Suicidal threats — A military wife received text messages from her husband that read, “It’s too late,” along with a picture of his pistol. On the way to the complainant’s house, the two officers saw her husband walking outside. The officers attempted to question him, but he didn’t want to talk about it.
They asked him how many times he had been deployed, and he said three. The officers suggested he either talk to them, since they both have military experience, or to a counselor. He then opened up to the officers and admitted to wanting to harm himself.
After 45 minutes of talking to him, he decided to go to the hospital to seek help.

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