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Rash of burlgaries include attempt at church
Hinesville PD blotters for Feb. 17

Reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Jan. 1
• Burglary — HPD was dispatched to a Mattie Street residence in reference to a burglary. The resident said she returned home to find her front door kicked in. She said she didn’t notice anything missing from the residence.
• Burglary, forced entry — Officers responded to a report of burglary at a Fraser Circle apartment. The complainant stated that he left the residence on Dec. 19 and secured both the dead bolts and bottom locks on the front and back doors, but returned home to find the back door unlocked and the dresser in his spare bedroom moved. Two TVs, a Wii U console and a small safe were stolen.

Jan. 2
• Attempted burglary — HPD responded to a South Main Street apartment in reference to an attempted burglary. The complainant said he had been awakened by what sounded like someone trying to pry the wood off the door, which was broken. Upon investigating, the complainant said he saw his neighbor with a crow bar in his hand, standing at his back door. He asked his neighbor what was going on, and the neighbor said he found the crow bar sticking out of the door, and he was trying to remove it.
• Attempted burglary — Officers investigated an attempted burglary at the First United Methodist Church on North Main Street. A church employee had found damage to the church’s back door and called a church trustee, who came and fixed the door. He said he didn’t think much of the damage until he received another call from the church secretary, stating that she found a foot print on the church’s main office door. She said it looked as if someone had tried to force the door open. The trustee then called HPD.
• Burglary, forced entry — HPD responded to a burglary at a Pintail Court residence. The complainant said he and his family left on Dec. 19 and returned Jan. 2 to find the kitchen window broken and items missing from the residence. The family noted two TVs, a Playstation 3 and 20 games, a knife, a Nintendo Wii and 25 games, a Nintendo 64 and 10 games, several pairs of shoes and miscellaneous jewelry pieces missing.

Jan. 3
• Auto theft — HPD investigated an automobile theft on Sharon Street. The complainant said his 1988 Monte Carlo SS had been parked beside his home. He said his next door neighbor had a surveillance system, and officers reviewed the film. The video showed a man walking along Sharon Street at 3:26 a.m. At 3:51 a.m., the same man was seen pushing the car from the complainant’s yard onto Sharon Street. Another man was steering the vehicle as the other suspect pushed from behind.

Jan. 4
• Burglary — HPD responded to a burglary at a Taylor Road apartment. The complainant said he left for Christmas vacation on Dec. 22 and returned to find his glass coffee table broken in the living room. He said that although he had secured all windows before leaving, his living room window was unlocked.

Jan. 5
• Burglary, forced entry — Officers responded to a burglary at an Oak Street residence. A rental specialist with the realty company that owns the lot conducted a routine inspection and noticed the refrigerator and stove had been dragged from the kitchen to the backyard. The dishwasher had also been pulled out of the cabinet, but remained in the kitchen. The back doors of the residence were unlocked, and the bar that keeps the door from opening was broken, laying in the middle of the living room. The agent said the last time the residence was occupied was late September.

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