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Robber hits grocery on Christmas Day
Hinesville PD blotter for Jan. 22
These reports were taken from recent reports filed by Hinesville Police officers.

From Hinesville Police Department reports emailed to the Courier Tuesday:

Burglary: Police were sent to the Walmart Neighborhood Market on West Oglethorpe Highway shortly before 4 a.m. Dec. 25 regarding a burglary in progress.

"Central dispatch advised the alarm company could see a male wearing a white hoodie breaking the front door glass and entering the Walmart."

As officers arrived, the man ran down Topi Trail and the reporting officer saw him drop a backpack, so he picked it up during the chase. The man was caught, handcuffed and put into a patrol car.

As for the Walmart, the reporting officer "observed the top glass pane of the front door had been shattered and a propane tank on the ground inside near the door," the report said. "I also observed the top glass pane of the secondary entry doors had been knocked loose."

As for the backpack, it contained "3 Google home minis, 14 Five gum packets, 10 Juicy Fruit gum packets, 1 diamond studded necklace and 1 dollar bill."

Theft: A man went to HPD on Dec. 27 to report someone stole a revolver and pack of cigarettes from his car.

The firearm was described as a black Charter Arms undercover revolver. The cigarettes were Newports.

"The suspect or suspects did not take the ammunition or the money that was in the vehicle," the report said.

Theft: This was reported two days before Christmas, when an officer was sent to the Walmart parking lot to talk to a woman who said she left her wallet in the parking lot and didn’t realize it until she got home.

The woman said she went back to the Walmart and found her wallet in the shopping cart "with all of the pockets unzipped. When she checked everything was present except for $280 in cash."

The officer got with the store manager and they reviewed video of the parking lot, which showed a man pick up the wallet, get into a white pickup and then get back out and put the wallet back.

Police got a good description of the pickup, an early 2000s model Ford F150, down to its toolbox and rear window decal.

Shoplifting: Also at Walmart, also Dec. 23, an officer was sent reference a "white female wearing a pink jacket" who had taken some items and hid them in her purse.

The woman tried to leave the store three times but noticed she was being watched, and finally left the purse on the ground and departed. An officer outside "made contact" and was told by the woman she "took the items because she wanted to get her children Christmas gifts," but "when she went into the bathroom she changed her mind about taking the items."

Police found tags for the items in the bathroom, and "when asked about the location of a bra that was taken (the woman) remembered that she was wearing it."

A female officer was called to do a search and "obtained the bra and turned it over to (a Walmart employee). (The female officer) also located a pair of wire cutters."

It turns out, several packages of electronics appeared to have been cut open using some type of cutting tool, the report said, and "there were 57 items taken with a dollar amount of $527.49."

The woman was taken to jail, etc.

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