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Robbers beat victim, take his shoes
Hinesville PD blotter for Dec. 27
These reports were from incidents reported to Hinesville Police officers.

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Verbal dispute, simple battery: A man went to HPD on Dec. 14 to report "he had a verbal dispute (with the mother of his girlfriend), and during their dispute she threatened to snap his neck and kill him several times."

The man said it started when he brought his girlfriend, 16, home and she "started cursing him and threatening to kill him." The man said he tried to leave, but she followed him to the car and, "when he tried to get into his car (the woman) closed his car door on his right foot," the report said.

Then, "(he) pulled out of the parking lot and (she) struck his car with what he believed to be a bow and arrow."

The man told HPD the bow and arrow was his and "(she) was trying to force him to take it with him, and when he did not she became more upset."

The officer explained how the man could get a temporary protective order and a warrant.

Fraud: An officer was sent Dec. 19 to a Hod Lane address regarding a complainant who said she got a Facebook message from a woman asking if "she heard about the federal home care and family support grant which would give $100,000 to anyone in need of financial assistance," a report said, and it included a link to a "Facebook profile of the agent that helped (the woman) claim her grant."

The complainant said she thought the woman was a Facebook friend of her mother’s, so she clicked on a link and was told to add a profile to her friend’s list. She then got a message from that man congratulating her for winning, but asking her for "her name, address, mobile phone number, age, email, sex, country and mother’s name so she could file her grant."

The complainant said she sent that info but was then asked to "take a picture of a piece of information and send it also," but she called police instead.

Robbery: A male victim told HPD he was walking on Gause Street to Taco Bell around 11:30 p.m. Dec. 20 when he was "grabbed by a black male. He said a second black male began punching him, and a third black male was recording the incident."

The victim could only describe one of the men, and said "the suspects told him they wanted his shoes. He said he returned a few punches, but then he decided to just take his shoes off."

The victim said they grabbed the shoes and ran off. The victim told HPD he then walked to Rebecca Street and called 911 for EMS.

The victim was checked by EMS and refused a ride to the hospital. He was told a detective would be in touch the next morning, then his mother took him to Liberty Regional Medical Center.

Burglary: Police were sent to a Pineland Avenue apartment shortly before 3 p.m. Dec. 17 after an alarm went off. The reporting officer found a back door open and, drawing his weapon, went inside while another officer went to the front door.

Then a man stuck his head out of the door. Police told him to put up his hands, but he ran back inside, then somehow got outside and "ran onto a wooden fence that was knocked over, and jumped into the ditch/canal which was filled with water. He then swam through the ditch, climbed out on the other side behind Hollywood Mobile Home Park, and ran along the fence line. His shorts came off as he was climbing out of the ditch," the reporting officer noted. "I advised all units to be on the lookout for a black male in a soaking wet yellow shirt and gray underwear."

At this point, the other officer radioed dispatch that another man was running out of the front door of the burglarized apartment. As police began looking for him, a third officer "attempted to notify all units searching for the suspects that he was in pursuit on foot of the black male in the yellow shirt and underwear, and that he was in the wood line behind Live Oak Drive, but we could not copy his radio traffic because he had water in his microphone."

Police were unsuccessful in finding that man, but they did talk to the resident of the apartment and he told them a loaded .40 caliber handgun they found inside belonged to him. Police also found a bag loaded up with video games. The stuff was collected for evidence.

"I put all the items collected at the crime scene, excluding the shorts, into an evidence locker at the Hinesville Police Department," the reporting officer wrote. "The shorts were not put into an evidence locker because they were soaking wet. They were left out to dry and will be put into an evidence locker after they have dried."

Hit and run, etc: An officer was sent to the Econolodge on Dec. 15 regarding a fight. There, he "made contact with (the victim) and he stated his baby mama … hit him with her car."

Apparently, the dispute started after an afternoon’s worth of texts. "(She) told him (she) needed her phone back and he told her to come and get the phone."

When she got there, an argument started and as he tried to walk away she bumped him with the car, the report said.

"As he walked and argued with her, she would use the front left side of the vehicle and hit his right leg. She did this twice and on the second time he spit on her through the open driver’s side window," the report continued. "When she was spit on, she sped up and hit his leg again. She then left the area after hitting (him)."

The man wasn’t sure where his baby mama lived, but gave police an address. He had some bumps on his leg but refused EMS.

Shoplifting: An officer was sent to Fred’s around 10:30 a.m. Dec. 16 and met with a manager who said a woman "left after being confronted about the item she attempted to steal."

The report said the woman went to the counter, checked out and started to leave the store when the alarm went off. The woman then stopped and asked, "’What do I do now what is going to happen to me.’ (The manager) asked her what item she tried to steal and the female pulled a pack of false eyelashes (valued at $3.95) out of her pack. The female returned the item and left the store."

The manager got a case number.

Theft: This Dec. 16 complaint worked out OK. A man reported he and his wife were using a self-checkout machine and he asked for $40 in change and then left to go to the bathroom without telling his wife about the change. She left with the groceries, leaving the $40 in the machine. The money was gone when they got back, but security video showed a man picking it up and leaving the store.

While the officer was doing the report, the man came back in the store and returned the money. The victims decided against pressing charges.

Assist other agency: An officer was told Dec. 14 a man from Colorado wanted Bradwell Institute to know an employee "has marijuana on campus," a report said, noting the tipster wanted to remain anonymous but claimed his sister had gotten a ride with the employee and saw "a marijuana blunt in the ash tray and bag of marijuana inside (the employee’s) purse." The tipster also told authorities his sister told him there was "a strong odor of marijuana inside the vehicle," the report said.

The officer called the principal, "who advised that his supervisor at the board of education is requesting a drug dog to check all administration offices at Bradwell and the parking lot where the (vehicle) is parked."

Liberty K-9 units were taken to the school "and conducted their search," the report said, noting "that there were no alerts detected for any illegal drugs inside the building and no alerts detected on any vehicles in the parking lot."

Simple battery: Police were sent to a McDonald’s around 10 p.m. Dec. 7 regarding a man with a gun.

There, a man said a guy in dreads punched him in the face, so he "grabbed his unloaded firearm and ‘pistol whipped’ the suspect in the jaw with it. As a result, the suspect fell down. The suspect then got up and ran off. During the incident the suspect lost one of his shoes. (The complainant) said he then existed his vehicle, loaded his firearm, and then pursued the suspect with his firearm," the report said.

The officer checked out security footage and saw the suspect go into McDonald’s and head to the bathroom. Two minutes later, the restaurant’s video camera taped the man walk back "by the counter with one shoe missing ...."

The officer gave the victim, who declined a visit from EMS, a case number and took "the Nike Airmax shoes, that was recovered from the incident location into an evidence locker at HPD."

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