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Sexual assault report on post not backed up
Hinesville PD blotters for May 11

Reports recently filed with the Hinesville Police department include:

May 5
Attempting to elude an officer, reckless driving, leaving scene of accident, possession of marijuana, loud music — An officer was standing in the front parking lot of the police station just after midnight when a green Mercury Moutaineer raced by with music blaring out of the windows. So the officer jumped in his patrol car and gave chase. The Mercury stopped in the Liberty Square shopping center, near Wells Fargo Bank. But, as the officer approached on foot, he noticed a lot of agitated activity in the vehicle, and it took off.  “The actions of the driver made it appear something more was taking place other than a loud music violation,” the officer wrote.

The chase began again with the suspect driving to Hinesville Square, where the officer saw the vehicle go behind Anytime Fitness. When the officer got there, he saw taillights behind Church’s Chicken and assumed the suspect would head back onto E.G. Miles Parkway. But by the time he got there, he lost sight of the vehicle and stopped to radio in the status of the chase. He also heard someone yelling from behind the chicken place. He walked over and found a woman who claimed to have been a passenger in the suspect vehicle who had jumped out when it ran into a cold storage area of the restaurant. She said she had tried to convince the driver to stop, but that she wouldn’t because she was driving someone else’s vehicle, didn’t have a license, had been drinking and knew there was pot inside. With the help of the screamer, officers were able to identify the driver and the owners of the vehicle, which was found later in an lot on Highway 84. Some loose marijuana was found around the console. That night, the suspected driver and owner of the vehicle came to the police station, and the suspect denied she had been driving. She said she didn’t know anything about the incident and that a screaming woman had probably said she was driving because they had earlier had a falling out. “This investigation continues,” the report concludes.

Attempted fraud — A local man called HPD to report that he had received a call about 8:30 a.m. from someone claiming to represent Medicare. The female caller asked if the resident had received his Part A and B Medicare cards and whether he’d like a representative to meet with him when the representative came to Hinesville. Checks of the phone line showed it was not connected with Medicare, that it was probably a private cellphone. The officer agreed with the man that it was probably an attempt to commit fraud.

May 4
Simple battery — A father insisted that his daughter report to police that her boyfriend had punched her in the face earlier. She said he was upset because she had spent the day before with a friend. She did not want to press charges and she refused medical attention. The officer explained warrant procedures.

Theft by taking — About 11 p.m., an officer was sent to a restaurant on E.G. Miles Parkway. An employee said another employee had called her the night before to report that she had been stopped by Liberty County deputies and taken to jail. The second employee had about $60 on her that belongs to the business, the first employee reported. She later became suspicious and called the sheriff’s office and heard the arrest had not occurred. After she couldn’t contact her co-worker, the woman called police. Warrant procedures were explained.

Suspicious acts, threats — A couple went to HPD to report that a friend had told them about a conversation at a restaurant about the husband being a registered sex offender. A woman there had started the conversation and has tried to stir trouble for them ever since he was registered. Among the comments made during the conversation was that he should have a “bullet in his — head.” Procedures to obtain a protective order were explained.

Damage to vehicle — A motorist reported that a pothole on Link Street damaged the suspension of her 1995 Plymouth Voyager and punched a hole in the oil pan. She said she had turned off South Main onto Link and saw the pothole, but that oncoming traffic gave her no room to maneuver around the hole.

Shoplifting — A group of women hit a beauty supply store on E.G. Miles Parkway. The owner called police when she recognized one of the group as having stolen from her in the past. She wanted an officer to walk through the store. But the group was gone by the time the officer arrived. He said a video clearly showed the one woman stuffing wigs into a tote bag, while two other women unsuccessfully tried to block the camera’s view. Other women in the store also were apparently with them. Several of the women were wearing a type of uniform that implied they worked at the same business or institution in McIntosh County.

Illegal use of transaction card, two incidents — A local woman reported that she had checked her Bank of America account last month and realized that there were transactions she had not authorized. When she decided to close the account, there had been 11 transactions between April 20 and 27 for a total of $630. They were all online purchases. She said she had never lost her card and didn’t know how anyone would have gotten the number. She said her bank had reimbursed the loss.

The second incident was reported by a woman who went to the station. She said she had canceled her USAA debit card on April 24 when someone had made several transactions around Hinesville with it. She said she’d get more details from her bank. She got a new card April 28 and used it two days later to pay a bill over the phone. The same day, she noticed someone had taken $200 (with a $2 service fee) out from an ATM at a local bank. She notified USAA, which canceled the card. She said she had not lost the card. She said her 22-year-old daughter denied taking the card.

May 3
Aggravated battery — A man reported that he and his niece started arguing at a residence where family and friends had gathered to watch the Mayweather fight. He went outside to cool down when a nephew ran up to him brandishing a handgun. Instead of firing, however, he hit his uncle on his forehead, causing a deep cut and loss of peripheral vision. No arrests have been reported.

May 1
Suspicious acts — Two deputies from the county and three officers from HPD were sent to Winn Army Hospital on the report of a sexual assault. The location of the assult was not specific. The report did not specify whether the victim was a soldier, but an Army victim advocate said the victim would not make any statements until after speaking to a special-victim counsel. Later, a Fort Stewart Judge Advocate General counsel said the victim was not going to make a statement, nor prosecute at this time. Winn staffers said they would conduct a sexual-assault exam on the victim.

Suspicious acts — An administrator at Bradwell Institute called in officers after a steak knife with a 4½-inch blade was found in one of the bathrooms. A student reportedly was trying to get toilet paper when the dispenser jammed. He looked inside and saw the knife, so he notified a teacher, who let the administrators know. There are no suspects, and it was unclear when the toilet-paper dispenser had last been serviced.

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