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Shady business draws no-license ticket
Hinesville PD blotters for March 21

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

March 17
Auto theft — Sometime between 10 p.m. Monday and 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, a red 2013 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ was stolen from a Mary Ann Drive resident’s driveway, the owner reported to police. The owner said he was unsure whether it had been locked, but that he knew there was a spare key in the glove box. As the officer was returning to the station, a dispatcher informed him the stolen Chevy had been found extensively damaged in a field in Tattnall County. The officer went back to tell the owner and then turned the case over to detectives.

Recovered stolen auto, arrest for other agency, doing business without license — About 11 a.m., an officer patrolling near the Travel Lodge ran a check on a California license that came back as being from a stolen car. After watching the car for a while, the officer saw a man loading items into it. When backup arrived, the officers approached the man and put him under arrest and in the back of a patrol car. One officer went to the room where the man was staying and met a woman and “recognized her face from a recent escort advertisement on” More officers and a drug dog also arrived, and the dog responded as if smelling a narcotic at the car. During a search, no narcotics were found, but officers did find several boxes of condoms and pre-paid debit cards. Officers also called up the ad and compared the photo of a “Hott Coco” and the woman. “I determined that the advertisement was in fact” the suspect who was cited for doing business without a license. The car was impounded at the request of California authorities. The property found in the car was released to the woman, and the man was arrested and taken to jail.

Criminal trespass — Good fences apparently don’t make good strangers. A Pineridge Way resident reported that someone keeps ripping boards off a fence on their property. At the time of the report, the officer saw three boards off the fence and leaning against it. The woman had seen the man and said he yelled that the fence was not on their property. But she does not know the man, nor where he lives. She was advised to call 911 if he returned.

Domestic disturbance, hindering a 911 call — Officer was called to Fraser Circle, where woman complained that her boyfriend was not letting her leave for work. He was holding her car door open during an argument. When she started to call 911, he reached in and grabbed her phone. He backed away, and she went inside to call 911 on her landline. When she went outside, her boyfriend had left, but not before locking her car keys and phone in her car. After an officer arrived, the woman waived liability and the officer opened her car door using a lock jimmy. She was advised of procedures that could keep her boyfriend away from her.

Speeding — A driver was ticketed twice on speeding violations, the second one coming from when he drove away from the first stop. An officer said his radar clocked a car going 44 on the 30-mph Pineland Avenue. So he stopped it on Glenn Bryant Road. Despite the driver being “immediately argumentative and using profanity towards me,” the officer wrote the ticket and let the driver go. But the driver took off so fast it drew the officer’s attention again. The radar read 32 in the 25-mph zone. The officer saw he was accelerating, so he stopped the driver again. This time, the driver was so loud and argumentative that he was drawing people out of their homes to watch. The driver eventually was threatened with obstruction charges, handcuffed and put in the officer’s car. But instead of that charge, the officer just wrote up the speeding tickets and took the driver to Fort Stewart, where he was turned over to MPs.

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