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Sheriff recognizes military support for training
Jose Fuentes and Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes - photo by Patty Leon

Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes recently presented two certificates of appreciation to Fort Stewart Range Control workers for assistance with deputy training.

Sikes said Jose Fuentes served as liaison between Fort Stewart Range Control and the LCSO during a close-quarters exercise on March 29.

“Conducting these exercises required detailed planning and coordination with Fort Stewart range control,” Capt. David Edwards said as he read the certificate. “Mr. Fuentes assisted with the execution of this important and dangerous exercise providing on site guidance for the execution of our mission, which contributed to a successful training outcome.”

Sikes said Fuentes has been helpful to the department for some time now, and it was time to offer Fuentes the meritorious award.
“This training is priceless for us as a department,” Sikes said. “The U.S. Army has gone above and beyond, allowing us to go into a facility like this. It would cost Liberty County literally thousands of dollars to get the training we get at this facility each year. And for you all to open the door to us is priceless and means a lot to us.”

The sheriff also presented a certificate to Jeffrey Boatright.

“Since 2007, the LCSO has conducted live-fire training exercises on Fort Stewart,” Edwards said. “This valuable training has helped prepare the LCSO in the event of an emergency. Since the beginning, Mr. Jeffrey Boatright has been there to offer assistance and coordination in the training.

“Once again, I know that Mr. Boatright’s name has been mentioned before I came on board … I know he was a big part of it, so we really appreciate being able to pick the phone up and having some assistance in getting this put together for us.”

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