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Sheriff's blotter for Dec. 20
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• Nov. 23
Harassing phone calls
190 Thomas Drive
A Midway woman told LCSO deputies she received more than 12 harassing telephone calls between Sept. 1-Nov. 23. The woman said the calls came on her home phone line. She told deputies she doesn’t know if the caller is a man or woman because the caller does not say anything.
The woman also reported seeing a suspicious pickup in her neighborhood since the calls began. She said she does not know if the calls and the appearance of the truck are related.

Nov. 30, Theft by taking, 132 River Road
A Midway man told LCSO deputies someone came into his garage during the night and took three separate cans filled with gas. The offenders apparently took the gas and put the gas cans back where they found them, according to the LCSO report.

Dec. 2, Computer child pornography, 271 114 N. Coastal Highway
A registered sex offender was found to possess and control computer equipment containing child pornography during a routine probation visit by the LCSO and the probation office. The man was arrested and taken to the Liberty County jail. His computer equipment was seized.

Dec. 3, Mental subject, 398 Peter King Road
A Midway man told sheriff’s deputies he wanted to shoot himself. Deputies found the man in his backyard with an electrical extension cord wrapped around his neck several times. The cord was tied to the back porch. The 19-year old man told the LCSO he wanted to die and said he was having problems with his stepmother. He had not attended school or taken his medications, according to the LCSO report. The man was placed into protective custody and taken to a hospital emergency room.

Theft by taking, 912 W. Pine St.
A Hinesville man reported his car was stolen. He told the LCSO he had parked his red 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo in front of his home at about 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 3. He said he noticed the car was missing when he walked outside at 12:19 p.m., according to the LCSO report.

Dec. 4, Aggravated assault, burglary, 565 Dunlevie Road
A maintenance technician with a real estate company reported a tenant had been assaulted. The technician was initially contacted by the company’s employees, who were picking up trash in the area of the assault. They said the building’s windows had been broken. The technician found the injured tenant when he arrived on the property and immediately dialed 911.
The tenant told LCSO deputies he had been staying with friends and was sleeping on the coach when he was awakened by two unidentified people. The tenant told deputies he was beaten and tried to fight back, but two more people appeared and all four began to beat him. The tenant said his attackers knocked out the windows of the residence. He was unable to identify them, according to the LCSO report. Deputies reported the home was in disarray and the windows appeared to have been broken from the inside.

Dec. 5, Criminal trespass, Airport Road
Liberty Humane Shelter reported damage to a shed. LCSO deputies said graffiti had been sprayed on the shed walls in black paint.

Dec. 6, Simple battery, Fleming
A Hinesville woman walked into the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office to report a 47-year-old man punched her 16-year-old son in the stomach when the boy was at the man’s home.
The woman told deputies her son had been dating the man’s stepdaughter and had broken up with her over the telephone the night before the incident. The boy was visiting friends he and the girl had in common, according to the LCSO report.

Dec. 7, Simple battery, 543 East Oglethorpe Highway
An Allenhurst man reported he got into an argument with a store manager. The manager told deputies the man became aggressive and “got in his face” and sprayed spit on him while talking. The manager said he put his hands on the man’s chest in order to push him away, according to the report.

Dec. 8, Theft by taking, 2190 Limerick Road
A Midway man reported his golf cart had been stolen. The man told deputies he had parked the golf cart between his home and his wife’s pickup. He told the LCSO he had both sets of keys with him and did not know how someone could start the cart.
The man and his wife said they had problems with some teenagers in the neighborhood and saw one juvenile walking around the area at night. The reporting deputy told the couple a cart that matched the description of their golf cart was used in a convenience store burglary.

Dec. 10, Entering auto, 41 Kyle Lane
A Walthourville woman told deputies someone had thrown a brick through the passenger side of her red 2004 Dodge Neon and stolen her purse which was inside.
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