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Sheriff's blotter for Feb. 18
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Jan. 10: Matter of record — A woman said she was driving down Deer Trail Drive in her Mini-Cooper when a large brown dog came running out of the woods and jumped on her car. She said she pulled over and stepped out of the car to check for damages when the dog came out again and jumped on her. The woman then reported the dog followed her back to her home on Dogwood Lane and killed her cat. Deputies found the owner of the dog who admitted his dog came loose from the chain and he had been unable to catch him. Animal control was notified.

Obstructing or hindering law enforcement, loud music — A traffic stop for loud music turned into an arrest after the man refused to sign the citation being issued by the deputy. Deputies were in the area near Glenn Bryant Road when they heard loud music coming from a vehicle. One of the deputies flashed his flashlight in the direction of the car as a warning but when the loud music continued the deputies initiated a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle said his music was not loud and that he would not sign the citation. The man then resisted arrest by refusing to place his hands behind his back. He eventually was cuffed and booked.

Jan. 13
Criminal trespass — A man called deputies and said that he returned to his house and noticed pry marks on the backdoor. The complainant also said a bush by the backdoor had been stepped on. The deputy did observe the marks on the door. The complainant was given a case number.
Theft by taking (prescription drugs) — A man said he was staying at his father’s house for the evening. When he woke up, he noticed his medication was missing. The complainant was given a case number.

Jan. 15
Verbal dispute — A woman complained that her granddaughter came home and was being very disrespectful. She said they were engaged in a verbal dispute that at no time became physical. The woman said she didn’t want to comment. The responding deputy said it didn’t look like any physical contact had been made between either party. Later that day, deputies were called to respond to a dispute at the same address between the granddaughter and her father. All parties stated no physical contact was made.

Entering automobile with intent to commit — A man said he was driving down Lewis Frasier Road when his minivan broke down. He went into Hinesville to get a part and when he returned, the man said he saw three males removing items from his van. He confronted them, made them put the items back, fixed his van and drove home. A few hours later, the man realized his wallet and Social Security card were missing. He filed a report.  

Jan. 17
Marijuana possession less than 1 ounce, obstructing or hindering EMTS — A deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle with an inoperative tag light. The driver had no ID. The suspect kept putting his hand in his right pocket. When the deputy asked him why, the suspect told the deputy he had marijuana in there. The deputy found a small bag of what appeared to be marijuana wrapped in a lottery ticket in the man’s pocket. The vehicle was released to another licensed driver, and the suspect was taken to the Liberty County Jail.

Jan. 18
Pedestrian under the influence of alcohol or drugs — A deputy responded to a report of an intoxicated person walking in traffic near Highway 84 and South Bypass Road. The deputy found the offender sleeping on the side of the road. The deputy woke the man, who smelled of alcohol, was unsteady and had red eyes. A test registered a .171 blood alcohol level. The man said he was coming from a nearby lounge and was headed home, but he did not know his address. He was checked by EMS and refused treatment. The man was arrested and while en route to the jail, he threw up all over himself and the backseat of the deputy’s patrol car.

Theft by receiving stolen property, obstructing or hindering law-enforcement officers — A deputy tried to initiate a traffic stop after he saw a car run a stop sign at the intersection of Barrington Ferry and Briar Bay roads. The vehicle pulled into a driveway and the driver exited and walked up to a group of people in the driveway. The deputy told the man to walk to the front of his patrol car, but the man ran down the road, climbed a fence and headed for the woods. The deputy began to inventory the vehicle to have it towed. He found a pistol that turned out to be stolen and a revolver. The car turned out to be a rental car, but the woman for whom it had been rented said she let her cousin drive it. The suspect later returned to the scene and said the guns were his. The man, who already was wanted by the Hinesville Police Department, was arrested and taken to the Liberty County Jail. The weapons were turned over to a lieutenant.

Jan. 21
Public drunkenness, criminal trespass — A deputy was dispatched to Carlyene Drive in reference to an unconscious male. EMS found the man lying on the ground, and the deputy smelled a strong alcohol odor. The man, who awoke, could not tell anyone what happened, but did admit to drinking alcohol before the incident. The complainant, a neighbor, said the drunk man tried to sell him a small amount of marijuana and then urinated on the neighbor’s truck tire. When the neighbor told the drunk man to go home, the drunk man reportedly swung his fist at the neighbor, who punched him back and called 911. A witness verified the neighbor’s account of what happened. The drunk man was arrested and cited for public drunkenness and criminal trespass. He was taken to jail.

Criminal damage to property — A woman told deputies that she and her boyfriend had been arguing when he threw a glass of liquor on her and she threw water on him. He then took her phone and wallet and left. He later returned and they got into another argument when she tried to get her belongings back and she broke the handle on his car door. The boyfriend said the woman needed to pay him $200 to get it fixed. She said she’d give him $80, and then tried to go inside and close the garage door. The man reportedly kicked the garage door and tore the side mirrors off the woman’s car. The woman was advised of warrant and protective procedures. Later, the deputy was dispatched a second time to the same address in reference to another argument. The woman said the man threw a glass and smashed a hole in the sheetrock in the master bedroom. The man was not on scene when the deputy arrived.

Jan. 22
Burglary — A man who is looking over his brother’s home while his brother is incarcerated told a deputy that his cousin forced open his brother’s front door and took a 32-inch flat-screen TV and a DVD player from the home. The man said he let his cousin use his cell phone to call for a ride before he noticed the electronics missing from his brother’s home. After noticing the missing goods, the man called the authorities, who observed evidence of a break-in. The man called the person who reportedly had picked up his cousin, and the person who had provided the ride confirmed the cousin had a TV with him at the time, but he did not know about a DVD player. The incarcerated brother whose belongings were stolen said he did own a 32-inch TV and a DVD player, but he was unable to provide makes models or serial numbers. He said his cousin is a known thief.

Simple assault, family violence — A woman told a deputy that she and her boyfriend got into a dispute after she accused him of cheating on her and giving her a disease. The woman told her boyfriend she was leaving him, and he repeatedly slapped her in the face, drug her across the ground and threw her belongings in the garage. The responding deputy did not observer redness or swelling on the woman’s face, but he did see dirt patterns on her pants and jacket consistent with being drug across the ground. The woman said her boyfriend left as the deputy was arriving.

Jan. 24
Disturbance — Deputies responded to a fight in progress on Wells Cemetery Road and were told by the complainant that her brother and her husband had gotten into an altercation. One of the men admitted he and the other man had been drinking and wrestling, and said it just got out of hand. No one wanted to pursue any charges, and the men said the altercation was over.

Jan. 25
Disorderly conduct — Two brothers were arrested for fighting in the 100 block of Lewis Frasier Road in Midway after their mother called in an attempt to have law enforcement break up the situation. The responding deputy reportedly spoke with both brothers before determining that both were at fault when they began to fight again. They were placed in separate patrol vehicles and transported to the Liberty County Jail, where they were placed on hold for disorderly conduct.

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