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Sheriff's blotter for March 18
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Aggravated assault/battery
March 10
Lake Pomona Road, Midway

A man was stabbed two times in the stomach when a group of friends were sitting around drinking and a fight broke out. According to witnesses, the fight started when some of the men discussed going hog hunting. A woman tried to stop them because they were so drunk. Bellicose words were exchanged and up to four of the men began fighting among themselves. Many of the men were injured, but no one pressed charges.

Sexual battery/criminal trespass
March 13
West Oglethorpe

A woman called authorities after a man woke her up in the middle of the night by touching her. The woman said at first she thought it was her boyfriend. When she realized she didn’t know the man she asked him who he was and he responded by saying “just turn off the TV.” The woman then got up and locked herself in the bathroom until the man left. Police noted there were fresh pry marks on the door of the residence.

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