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Sheriff's blotter for March 20
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Feb. 27: Criminal trespass — A Hinesville woman complained that a black pickup truck backed up to a pole barn across the road from her residence. Since the area is private property, she said she confronted the driver. The man said he’d just pulled off the road to talk on his cell phone. She advised him to leave and he did so without further incident.

Suspended license plate — A deputy pulled over a vehicle for speeding and ran a check on the tag, which was suspended. He informed the driver, who said the tag had been suspended for insurance defaults. The driver was taken to jail and issued two citations for traffic infractions. Her vehicle was impounded.

Feb. 28
Child molestation — A Hinesville woman complained that her neighbor was inside her home without her knowledge. She said that her two young children claimed that the neighbor touched them inappropriately. The detective’s office was notified of the incident, and the complainant was given a case number.

Simple battery — Two women who live at the same Midway residence got into an altercation over the use of a pickup truck owned by the complainant. The complainant said she had been hit with a dinner plate, which caused a small laceration. She refused medical treatment.
The other woman admitted they did get into an altercation but said she did not hit the complainant with a plate. She said the complainant hit her in the face with a closed fist and scratched her face and neck. Both parties were advised of warrant procedures and proper remedies.

March 2
DUI, Failure to report striking fixed object —Deputies received a call indicating a red truck had hit a light pole on Main Street and Margaret Drive. Since it was a dirt road, the deputy reported it was easy to follow the tire tracks, which led the deputy to believe that someone had been driving all over the road and was out of control. The deputy reported he spotted the downed light pole, which had red paint on it. A little further down the road the deputy spotted a red truck with extensive front-end damage and asked the homeowner who owned the truck. The woman said it belonged to her son and promptly brought her son outside to speak with the deputy.
The man said he was drunk and hit the pole, adding he didn’t realize he had snapped it in half. He was arrested and booked for DUI.

March 3
Disorderly conduct — A man said his girlfriend pulled into the yard of a Cornfield Avenue house. As he was attempting to grab his items out of the car, she started to leave. He said he jumped on the hood of the car to get her to stop, but when she turned out of the driveway he rolled off the car and went under it.
The woman said she heard someone call her a name, so she decided to leave. She said that is when he jumped on the hood of her car. She said the action scared her and he suddenly rolled off the hood.
Deputies could not determine who started the argument but found shoe prints on the hood of the car.

March 5
Criminal trespass — Someone reportedly damaged the wooden stands used by a couple who sells fruits and produce at a corner stand at the intersection of Highway 17 and Freedman Grove. The couple told deputies they had an idea of who might have done the damage based on some prior disagreements they’ve had with another couple.
Deputies are investigating the incident.

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