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Sheriff's blotter for March 8
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Feb. 2: Entering an automobile or other motor vehicle with intent to commit a crime — A woman reported her purse stolen from her car after she picked up some friends from the VFW on E. G. Miles Parkway. The woman said she left the car running and the doors were unlocked as she stepped inside the building to gather her friends.

Feb. 3
Criminal trespass — A woman was cited for criminal trespass and taken to jail after showing up at her ex-boyfriend’s house on Wells Road. The man reported he had court papers indicating that his former girlfriend was not to contact him in person, by text or any other method. He said he called police when she appeared at his house and would not leave. The woman admitted she knew she wasn’t supposed to be there but wanted to see her brother’s dog that was at the man’s house at the time.

Possession of marijuana (misdemeanor) — Deputies responded to a report of a man who appeared to be slumped over the driver’s seat of his car with the motor still running. Police found the man sleeping in his Toyota truck at the intersection of Airport Road and Highway 196. The engine still was running and the vehicle still was in drive when deputies knocked on the driver’s side window several times, waking the man up. Police asked him to put his truck in park and step out of the car. Deputies reported they detected an odor of alcohol around the man and the driver admitted he had a few drinks at a club a few hours earlier. During the stop the driver asked for his cigarettes and a deputy reached into the truck and grabbed the pack from the dashboard. The cigarette pack opened and deputies saw a plastic bag that contained a suspicious substance and rolling papers. Upon searching the car, police found another bag containing a green, leafy substance, a .22-caliber rifle and 12-gauge shotgun.

Feb. 4
Battery — A woman said her ex-girlfriend kicked her in the face, threw her to the ground and stepped on her wrist, causing it to break. The woman said she went to her ex-girlfriend’s house to try and talk to her but was met in the front yard by the girl’s new boyfriend. The woman said she was talking with the boyfriend when the woman attacked her.

Feb. 6
Theft by taking — A Midway man who owns a vacant lot near Riceboro reported one piece of property on his lot was missing.
The man told the investigating deputy the property had a utility pole with an electrical box. He said it was there when he checked the property Feb. 4 but not Feb. 6. The electrical box is valued at $200.
Affixing material that reduce/increase light, driving without a license, possession of marijuana (less than 1 ounce) — A Hinesville resident was stopped by a LCSO deputy when the deputy suspect his front and back windshields were tinted beyond the allowed 32 percent. When asked for identification, the driver admitted he didn’t have a driver’s license. He did, however, consent to a search of the vehicle, which led to the officer finding a marijuana “roach” near the passenger seat.

Feb. 14
Possession of marijuana — A Liberty County High School student was arrested for misdemeanor possession of marijuana after a teacher reported a “foul odor” in her classroom. She alerted administrators to likely suspects and the students consented to a search.
The student was transported to Liberty County Jail and issued a citation.

Theft by taking —  A Vidalia business owner reported that $2,000 in sewer-line equipment was taken from Peter King Road in Riceboro.

Feb. 15
Criminal trespass — A man reported that his parked car had been damaged on Wayside Turn in Midway sometime between Feb. 9 and Feb. 15. The car’s tires were slashed, and there was a white substance on the windshield.
Harassing phone calls — A Beulah Road resident reported that a juvenile male had been calling and texting his daughter, and he also indicated that the suspect had thrown mud at his daughter’s bedroom window during the night.
The girl said the suspect is a friend of her brother, and she has asked him to stop harassing her. Deputies were not able to reach the suspect.

Burglary — A resident in the 900 block of Live Oak Drive in Hinesville reported that someone took $1,100 in electronics from her home while she was gone during the day.

Criminal trespass — A Mary Todd Road resident reported the battery in her RV appeared to be damaged as if someone had tried to steal it. The battery was cracked open and leaking battery acid on the ground.

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