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Shoplifter gets away with diapers
Hinesville PD blotters for Dec. 21

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Nov. 15:
• Shoplifting — An officer responded to Food Lion on Highway 196 in reference to shoplifting. Store employees informed the officer that a man driving a red Ford Ranger had come in and put six boxes of diapers in a shopping cart. They said the man was in the store for approximately 20 minutes. One store employee approached the man and asked if he needed assistance, to which the man replied, “I am just trying to get out of this store and out of town as fast as I can.”
The man then pushed the shopping cart with the diapers right out of the store without stopping to check out and pay. One employee called out to the man as he was walking out, but he ignored her and continued to walk to his vehicle, load up the diapers in his truck and drive away.
• Shoplifting — Officers responded to Walmart on Oglethorpe Highway after a loss-prevention officer witnessed a man take two Xbox controllers and one battery pack from the store and walk to the bicycle area. The officer said he watched the man put the items in his backpack and walk out of the store through the garden exit. Officers apprehended the suspect outside of Walmart and recovered the stolen items.
• Burglary — A man reported that his home on Hollywood Drive was broken into. He said his Playstation 3, Xbox 360, laptop, several video games and DVDs were stolen. No signs of forced entry were found.
• Stolen vehicle — A man who was visiting his mother at her Aston Place apartment on Airport Road left his vehicle running and unlocked in the parking lot while he went inside the building. He said he came back outside a few minutes later to find his vehicle being backed out of the parking lot and driven to the front entrance.

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