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Smash-and-grab burglary at phone store
Hinesville Police blotter

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Jan. 5
Possession of narcotics with intent to distribute — The HPD Drug Unit got tips that a woman was selling prescription drugs around town and that she would be at a certain shopping center around 4 p.m. Officers set up a stakeout. At about that time, a vehicle fitting the description given pulled in, and the officers moved in on the woman. She had a fanny pack with pill bottles showing sitting in her lap, according to the report. She said the prescriptions were hers, but when officers looked at the bottles, one was not labeled, and the other contained what they thought was Xanax, which is not what the label said. Another empty pill bottle with the suspect’s name on the label was found when officers searched her vehicle. She was released, pending further investigation.

Jan. 7
Larceny — A Tractor Supply employee, who also attends college, reported that someone stole money from her wallet at work. She said she left her wallet on a table in the break room and that $396 in cash was taken from it. She knew exactly how much because earlier she had given her father money to pay her tuition, and she knew how much she had left. Six other people were working that morning. Only they were supposed to have access to the room, which does not have security cameras. They all denied taking the money. The victim was given information about the report and how the crime would be investigated.

Suspicious activity — A Desert Storm Drive resident told an officer she had listed her Audi for sale on an online auction site. She received an offer for the asking amount, $12,300. But, during subsequent correspondence, she became suspicious and wanted to cancel the deal, even trying closing her PayPal account. Later, PayPal notified her that her account had been credited more than $13,300. She was reporting it to police because she was afraid. She had revealed her address during the correspondence, and she feared the car may be stolen and for the family’s safety. The responding officer said her residence would be put on the patrol checklist and she was given information about the report.

Jan. 8
Larceny from vehicle — A Pineland Avenue resident reported that items and cash were stolen from her vehicle. She said she was sure her car was locked the night before, but when she got in this morning the glove box was open and the contents in disarray. The losses, however, were from a Coach purse that she had left on the front seat. She said a Coach wallet and a Michael Kors watch were taken from the purse, and $650 (two $100 bills, 22 $20s and one $10) from the center console. The officer could not see any signs of forced entry. He provided information about the investigation to the victim.

Burglary — A Hampton Street resident told officers she and her daughter had gone for a walk and, when they returned at about 8:20 p.m., the front door was open. She said she had not locked up. Missing were two computers, an Xbox, a power washer, a TV and a jewelry box that included her wedding ring with four princess-cut diamonds. No serial numbers were available, and the victim was asked to notify officers if any of the items were found.

Suspended license, vehicle registration suspended, no insurance — A man, who said he was driving someone to the hospital because of an asthma attack, was arrested. The officer’s report said his license reader alerted on the suspect vehicle just before 11 a.m. The driver admitted that the car’s registration and his license were suspended, and that there was no insurance. EMS was called to tend to the asthma victim. The report did not indicate whether the medical complaint was valid.

Jan. 9
Battery, verbal dispute — An officer was called to the Hinesville Post Office after two employees got into an argument that grew into physical contact, though a “chest bump” was the extent of the contact. It apparently started as a supervisor was talking to a carrier about his route. Witnesses said the carrier and supervisor had often clashed. The postmaster told the officer she would suspend both employees and ask an area inspector to review video from the area if it is available.

Vicious dog — An anonymous tip about an aggressive pit bull sent an officer to Star Court, where he met with a resident who said his neighbor’s dog got in his yard. The dog snarled, bared its teeth and ran at the man as he tried to shoo it away. The man went to the neighbor’s. A man there said he had a problem with the dog getting lose and would work on it. On the way home, the complainant said the dog came at him again, and he felt so threatened, he pulled a handgun and fired into the ground near the dog. When officers talked to the neighbor, he said the dog actually belonged to someone else. The report did not explain where the owner was, but did say the neighbor verified the dog had attacked the complainant. The complainant showed officers his weapon permit. He was told to provide more information about the dog as it became available.

Jan. 10
Battery, trespass, cruelty toward children, theft — A Saunders Avenue woman reported that her ex-boyfriend and father of her children forced his way into her home. He was demanding to see his children, but she said no. He assaulted her, pinning her to a bed and choking her in front of their children. She managed to get herself and her children out of the home. While they were out, the husband reportedly damaged furniture and electronics, as well as taking her house key. The man was gone when officers arrived. They told the woman about protective orders and how the investigation would be conducted.

Business burglary — Officers responded to an alarm at a Verizon Wireless store on Highway 84 West next to Tractor Supply. The glass front door was shattered. No one was inside, but damage was evident. Officers called a key holder and were able to watch security video while they waited. They saw a man look in the store and leave, but come back a minute later and throw a brick through the door. Then four people, one possibly a woman, entered the store. Two ripped phones and tablets from displays and two went into the back, apparently looking for safes. They all left in about three minutes, the report says. After a store manager arrived, she did a quick inventory, and it appeared that two tablets and three cellphones were missing. The officers were able to see suspects and a vehicle on the videos, but could not get good descriptions of any of them.

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