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Some couples should've never got together
Hinesville PD blotters for Oct. 14

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Sept. 22
• Simple assault, criminal trespass — Residents on Little John Drive called police about a domestic dispute. A 37-year-old woman said she told her 39-year-old husband, who had been in South Carolina all day, that she packed up his belongings and he needed to come get them. When the man arrived and began to gather his things, his wife reportedly went out the back door and took off in his Dodge Charger. He went after her in her BMW.
They both returned to the house, and the husband said he continued to load his things in his car. He claimed his wife threw things at him and broke their TV screen.
The wife told police that she took his car to check his cellphone and confirm her suspicions that he’d been with another woman. She called the woman, who said she had been with the man all day.
When she came back, the wife said that her husband took her phone and threw it into a neighbor’s yard. She said they got into a “pushing match,” which led to the broken TV. Each party was given a case number by the investigating officer.
• Simple battery, cruelty to children (third degree) — A Poppleton Drive resident said she’d been assaulted by her husband in front of her 2-year-old child. She said she and her husband had been having problems for several days, and he tried to force her to talk to him, but she refused. When she received a text message, he demanded to know who the message was from. She wouldn’t tell him, so he took her phone away from her. She claimed he then knocked her to the floor in front of their child. The man admitted to taking the phone but said he never laid a hand on his wife.

Sept. 23
• Carrying a knife on school property — An officer responded to a call from the Taylor’s Creek Elementary School principal about a first-grader who, according to other students on a school bus, was carrying a pocket knife. Another child reportedly alerted the bus driver, who then asked the boy twice to hand over the knife.
The rusty folding, lock-back knife had a 3-inch blade. There was no evidence the child had threatened anyone with the knife, and he said he only wanted to show it off to his friends. His parents said he had taken it from his father’s tackle box. The boy was banned from riding the school bus until the incident could be reviewed by the school board.

Sept. 29
• Contempt of court — A man was booked, processed and cited for contempt of court and given a new court date. The man posted a cash bond and promised he would appear in court.
• Theft or mislaid property — A complainant said he left his wallet at GeoVista Credit Union. The man said he returned to the bank, but no one had seen it. The bank was able to check and discover his debit card had been used twice. The man canceled his debit card and filed a police report.
• Found property — Employees of the Liberty County Recreation Department found a red bicycle under the Tupelo Trail Bridge at the entrance of James Brown Park. They dropped the bicycle off at the LCRD’s maintenance office, and it later was picked up by police, who took it in for storage. The serial number was entered into the system, but the bicycle had yet to be reported stolen by anyone.
• Criminal trespass — An officer was dispatched to Clyde’s convenience store to remove a man who is not allowed on the property. The officer told the man to leave. Forty-five minutes later, the man returned to the store and, once again, police had to escort him off the property.
• Hit and run — A man went to the Hinesville Police Department to report he was the victim of a hit-and-run accident. The man said he was on Oglethorpe Highway waiting to make a left turn onto M.L. King Jr. Boulevard when a white Dodge Charger struck his vehicle on the front left bumper. The man said that after the impact, the driver and two other men stepped out the Charger, looked at the damage and then quickly got back into the car and left.
During questioning, the officer said it became apparent that the complainant was the one who failed to yield the right of way and caused the accident.
• Found property — A U.S. Patriot store employee called police to report three checks in the store, made out to a wireless provider, had been found. The officer tried to reach the people who had written them. The officer also went to the wireless provider’s store and spoke to their employees. One of the employees said he had lost three checks and was frantically looking for them. He said he had been at the U.S. Patriot store earlier and thought that when he pulled his cellphone from his pocket, the checks slipped out and dropped to the floor.

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