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Special ed student has 'Boy Scout' knife confiscated
Hinesville PD blotters for March 18

Reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department recently include:

March 12
Indecent exposure — A woman went to HPD about 8:20 p.m. to complain that earlier, as she was driving in Savannah to pick up her husband from work, a mustard-yellow Kia Soul pulled up next to her at the traffic light at the intersection of Gen. Stewart Way and Highway 84. Four people were inside and one of them, a young woman, was “hanging her bare buttocks out of the window and shaking it at her.” The carload of young people would speed up and slow down so she could not get by, until she slowed way down and they drove off. After getting her husband, the woman went to the police station and gave them the license number off the Soul. Police found the name of the registered owner but could not find a way to contact her.

No license, window tint — Officers were conducting safety checks on Eunice Road at the intersection with Fabian Road. At 11 a.m., a Cadillac rolled up. Officers suspected the tint on the windows was too dark, so they tested it with the department’s tint meter. It tested at 16 percent. The legal limit is 32 percent opacity. When asked for a license, the driver produced only a learner’s permit, and he was the only person in the car. He was ticketed and released.

No license, brake light violation — Fifteen minutes earlier, officers at the checkpoint stopped a Ford pickup. They suspected the brake lights didn’t meet Georgia rules. When asked for a license, the driver handed over what he said was a Brazilian license. He was arrested for no license and ticketed for his brake lights.

Simple battery, trespass — A subplot in this report may have more significance than the subject. A Kelly Drive resident called police because she got into a fight with her son’s girlfriend. The woman said she had told the girlfriend not to come to her home. When she called 911, the girlfriend left and so was not at the home when officers arrived. The woman was able to show them a text in which the girlfriend threatened to kill the woman. During the investigation, the woman “kept yelling that (her son) had blood on his hands due to a murder in Jesup that happened back in December.” She wouldn’t explain. The officer notified HPD detectives.

March 11
Simply battery, family violence — A mother and daughter got into it at the mother’s Bridal Patch Court home. The mother said they had started arguing because of how messy her daughter was. She said she was demanding her daughter move out and that her daughter was arguing and pushed her. The daughter said her mother had told her to get out, but that while she was collecting her things, her mother stopped her from leaving and pushed her during one of the confrontations. “There were no signs that any physical contact was made to either party,” the report states. Eventually, the daughter agreed to leave so both could cool off. Neither wanted to press charges.

Hit and run — A man when to HPD about 11:45 a.m. to report that at 2:30 that morning, when he was leaving the Big Apple, someone driving a Chevy Tahoe backed into his car, damaging the right rear quarter panel. The man said the Tahoe sped toward the back of the parking lot, through an adjoining restaurant’s lot and onto Highway 84 headed east. The man, who said a relative suggested he wait to report the damage, got the license number of the Tahoe. Officers traced it to an Alma woman. In a telephone call, she said she had not been at the Big Apple, though she admitted having been there two weeks earlier. The reporting officer was making arrangements to inspect the Alma woman’s Tahoe for damages.

March 10
Criminal trespass — An employee of the Coastal Regional Commission called officers to the senior-citizens center on Tupelo Drive just after 6 a.m. A piece of concrete had been thrown through one of the windows and still was on the floor. No other damage was reported, nor anything missing. Case numbers and reports were explained for insurance.

Carrying weapon at school — Officers were sent to Bradwell Institute, where the principal reported that an staff member had taken a “Boy Scout-type” knife from a special-needs student who had pulled it out in the cafeteria to use its spoon to eat some soup. The principal said he did not want to pursue charges but did want the knife, which has a 3-inch blade, confiscated.

Criminal trespass — A fight nearly broke out between two women when one had answered a door wearing only a towel. The woman reported that about 10 a.m., a friend had come to visit. She allowed him to come in, even though she only had on the towel. A few minutes later, another woman kicked in the door to the Deal Street residence. The visitor later said the woman who kicked in the door was his girlfriend and that he would have her pay to repair the door.

March 9
Criminal damage to property — A representative of St. Philip’s Episcopal Church reported that the church’s former manse, which is now used for storage and activities, had roof damage that appeared to be caused by someone trying to get in the attic. About March 3, a church member reported a leak in the roof and the representative called in a contractor. He reported that someone had torn off flashing around a fireplace and started chipping and putting material away from the roof.

Burglary, forced entry — A Brett Drive resident called to report that her son called her at work at about
10:40 a.m., while he was sleeping, to say that someone had broken into their apartment and stolen a PlayStation 3. When officers arrived, they found some tables overturned and a television lying face down on the floor. No mention of how a burglar could have gotten in was made in the report, which did say the “scene appeared to look suspicious.”

Criminal trespass — Someone reportedly spray-painted “no no” on a back door of First Calvary Baptist Church on Rebecca Street. A member of the church called police to say that when she arrived there just before 9 a.m., she noticed the paint on the checkerboard pattern window of the back door. No other damage to the church was found. The reporting officer said he would add the church to officers’ list of places to check.

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