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State patrol promotes Jon Long
Jon Long
Liberty County resident Jon Long, chairman of the hospital authority, has been promoted to captain in the Georgia State Patrol.
Long now works in Savannah where he is commander of a regional K-9 unit. He was post commander of the Hinesville Patrol post from 2001 until 2006.
He was promoted to lieutenant and served as assistant troop commander headquartered in Brunswick before his assignment to Savannah.
The K-9 unit supports local, federal and private organizations for narcotic and explosive services. The unit deploys six narcotic canines and two explosive canines for evidence recovery and safeguarding human life.
The K-9 unit is special in that each of the handler teams has one fully dedicated handler whose only duty is to deploy and train the canines. The unit has instructors who teach courses in basic narcotic and explosive handling, and an explosive incident specialist who coordinates bomb threat scenes and conducts training in managing critical incidents.
Long is a graduate of Bradwell Institute and attends Gum Branch Baptist Church with his wife and three children.

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