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Statutory rape charge involving 13-year-old
LCSO blotters

Feb. 21Statutory rape — A Hinesville man called a deputy, stating that an 18-year-old man had sex with his 13-year-old daughter while she was attending a birthday party at the Quality Inn & Suites. He told a detective that he confronted the young man, who did not deny having sex with his underage daughter. The man also said the young man is 18 and lives with his pregnant girlfriend.

March 5
Driving while license suspended, acquiring license plate for purpose of concealing — A Hinesville man and woman were arrested after being stopped by an LCSO deputy. The man told the deputy he was driving because his passenger was on medication and could not drive. The man’s license came up as suspended for child support. The deputy then asked the passenger about the license plate. She acknowledged the tag was taken off another vehicle and improperly placed on that one.

March 6
Theft by taking-felony, criminal trespass — A Midway man reported several water meters owned by the Liberty County Development Authority were stolen from his property when unknown persons cut the chain to the gate. The estimated value of the four meters stolen is $22,000.

March 7
Failure to obey police/peace officer, DUI — A 38-year-old Jesup man was arrested after he failed to slow down as his vehicle approached an accident supported by an LCSO deputy and Walthourville police officer. In fact, he nearly hit the two officers as they waved their flashlights at him. When he finally slowed down, he was ordered to stop. The car’s interior smelled of alcohol and vomit. He failed a field sobriety test, then showed positive for a breath test.

March 8
Dog bite — A Midway woman reported that her adult daughter was bitten by a stray dog. She said the dog was friendly at first, but when her daughter came to the door with her dog in her arms, the stray dog attacked her, biting her on the behind. The dog still was on the scene when the deputy arrived, so he called Animal Control to take possession of the dog.

Dog bite — A Midway woman reported that she was attacked by a small dog while taking a walk on Lakeside Way. She said the dog’s owner had accidentally left her gate open. When she let her dogs out, one ran after her and bit her on the leg. Environmental Health was notified.

March 12
Light required on bicycle, DUI — A 51-year-old Midway man was stopped on Limerick Road at around 9 p.m. when a deputy saw that he didn’t have lights on his bicycle. The deputy could smell alcohol, so he asked the man if he had been drinking. He told the officer he had a few beers.
The man refused to take a breath test, but agreed to a field sobriety test, which he failed. He then wanted to take the breath test, which he also failed.

March 14
DUI, possession of open alcohol container, loud music, littering from a motor vehicle — A 34-year-old Allenhurst man was arrested on multiple charges on Talmadge Road. The deputy reported that he heard loud music coming from the vehicle. Once stopped, while waiting for the man’s license and registration, the officer noted the smell of alcohol. He asked if the man had been drinking and how much. The man said, “A little to a lot.” As the deputy went to his truck to get his ALCO sensor, the man threw an item out of his vehicle. The item turned out to be a marijuana pipe.

March 18
Pointing a gun at another vehicle — A 43-year-old Riceboro woman was arrested after another woman called LCSO about her pointing a Ruger .38 Special at her. She said the woman first cut her off on the road, and then she noticed the woman was pointing a gun at her. The woman admitted to having the gun, but said she didn’t point it at anyone.
The gun was recovered and the woman’s car impounded.

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