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Stun gun at school was mistake
Hinesville PD blotter for April 3

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Weapon on school grounds: A student brought a stun gun to Horizon’s Learning Center on March 14, and school officials wanted to press charges. The student told police she forgot to leave it at home and the reporting officer told a school employee, "I think the matter should be handled administratively due to (the student) accidentally bringing the Taser to school," the report said, adding that school officials initially insisted on pressing charges, but eventually changed their mind after talking with police. Officers released the teen, who said she carried the Taser because "she has been having problems in her neighborhood," the report said. The stun gun was confiscated by police until the teen’s parents could pick it up.

Assist DFCS: An officer was sent to Liberty Regional Medical Center on March 20 because a new mother was trying to take her newborn child from the hospital "preventing it from receiving necessary care. (The doctor) told me hospital staff had not yet finished administering tests to ensure the infant was healthy and it needed to stay in the hospital for observation."

The officer talked to the young mother, who said a doctor "told her the infant was healthy and was given immunizations. Because of her religion she wanted to take her baby and leave the hospital. I asked (the woman) what her religion was but she refused to tell me."

The woman asked the doctor if there was a law preventing her from taking her baby and leaving the hospital. "He told her there was so, she then asked him to find the law and show it to her and he said he would."

At this point, a police sergeant told the woman a caseworker from the Department of Family and Children’s Services would have to interview her before they could let her leave the hospital. A caseworker arrived, spoke to doctors and staff and then told the mother the baby needed to stay at the hospital "to be examined for a possible health condition which was found after running tests on his blood." The woman replied that "nobody was going to touch her baby or conduct any more tests."

The hospital staff then told the woman she could leave after signing a waiver but the baby had to stay. The woman refused to sign the waiver.

After more negotiations, the woman’s mother convinced her "to allow the infant to stay at the hospital to be examined by hospital staff. (The woman) then said the baby could stay at the hospital but insisted she be present when hospital staff examined the baby."

The woman and her mother then went back to their room. Police went back to work.

Disturbance: Different incident, same baby. On Friday, police were called to a Kelly Drive address "reference a disturbance between two females." While heading that way, the reporting officer learned the two women had left, but when he got there he found another HPD officer "holding an infant car seat with a small infant inside."

"(That officer) stated that when he arrived the child was on the ground in the car seat next to the trailer. There was no one inside the residence and I could hear female’s voices from the direction of Kelly Drive."

Then the infant’s grandmother walked up. She said there was an argument between her and the infant’s mother and, after trying to give her the baby, the mother had started yelling "at her mother to give her the baby back. (The grandmother) gave the baby back … she walked away to get away from her daughter but was followed by her. When she realized that her daughter did not have the baby with her she turned around and headed back towards the trailer where she made contact with me," the officer reported.

After a statement from a witness, the mother, who also smelled of alcohol, was arrested for reckless conduct. DFCS was called and the infant was turned over to a great-grandmother.

The report said "the location where the child had been placed on the ground was towards the front of the trailer near the roadway in a large mobile home park. The current temperature was 57 degrees."

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