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Suspected prostitutes asked to leave motel
Hinesville PD blotters for Nov. 5

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Oct. 16
Domestic dispute — A woman reported that her estranged husband broke the master-bedroom window to gain entry into the house. She said they are separated and that he had not been to the house in a month. The man said he told his spouse that he planned on coming to the house that day to gather his belongings, but she would not let him in and had locked all the doors. The man said that even though he hasn’t been home in roughly two weeks, it still is his legal residence and all his property remained inside. The woman did not have any documents saying the husband was not allowed in the home, so she had to comply with letting him in and allowing him to get his belongings.

Oct. 17
Verbal dispute — The clerk of Clyde’s gas station on South Main Street said a woman became upset because she was asked for ID to purchase cigarettes and was refused sale when she couldn’t provide it. The clerk said the woman used profanity and pushed a bunch of items off the counter shelf before being asked to leave the store. The woman denied using profanity or pushing any items. Police reviewed the video tape and saw the clerk had provided the correct information.

Suspicious act — The manager of the America’s Best Inns on Oglethorpe Highway asked for help remove two female tenants from his hotel because he suspected the two women were prostitutes and didn’t want that happening at his hotel. The manager said the two women often would leave the room and return with different men, and it had been occurring for at least 12 days. He said he asked the women to vacate the room, and when they refused he called the police.

Oct. 22
Theft of lost or mislaid property — A Bradwell Institute student reported his school-issued iPad missing. The student said that on the evening of Oct. 15, he left his iPad on the porch of his Larkin Street home. When he remembered the tablet and went back to the porch to retrieve it, the iPad was gone. HPD had no known suspects at the time of the report.

No driver’s license/window tint — An officer observed a car driven by a woman known to be unlicensed pull into the Clyde’s on E.G. Miles Parkway. The officer ran a check and verified that the woman still did not have a license. He then approached the woman, who told him that she did have a license. The officer advised her that he had just checked her status and then placed her under arrest for driving without a license. The officer then checked the tint on the driver’s side window, which registered at 16 percent.

Vicious animal/dog bite — A man was speaking with his neighbor on Paul Caswell Boulevard when a dog bit him in the back of his leg. The man went to Liberty Regional Emergency Room for treatment, but officers reported the injury as minor with no visible bloodied wounds. The man did not sue, but stated that he felt the dog was a danger to neighborhood kids. The dog owner’s mother, who said her son was away, said she would take responsibility for the dog temporarily. She was cited for vicious animal and made aware of her options since the dog is not hers.

Disorderly conduct — An officer was dispatched to the Baymont Inn and Suites on Veterans Parkway in response to threats. The complainant said that on Oct. 20, a man who believed him to have his keys told him he had two days to return his keys or he would put a gun in his mouth and shoot him. The complainant told the man that he did not have his keys. On Oct. 22, the complainant saw the man again and said he reminded him of his two days. The complainant said he again told the man he did not have his keys, and that the man said he was going home. A woman told the complainant that the man probably was going to get his gun. The complainant then called the police from the hotel and reported the incident.

Oct. 23
DUI/failure to obey traffic-control device — An officer observed a car making a left turn onto East Oglethorpe Highway from West Gen. Screven Way without stopping for the red light. The officer initiated a traffic stop and approached the vehicle. The driver began arguing that the light was yellow, saying that she would “challenge it in court.” When the officer returned to the vehicle to issue the citation, he smelled alcohol and asked the driver if she’d been drinking. She said she’d had one beer. Upon conducting a Breathalyzer test, the driver was cited for DUI.

Computer invasion of privacy — A man reported that on the morning of Oct. 23, he attempted to use his cellphone, but it was locked with an expletive appearing on the screen. He said he contacted Apple customer support, which told him his account had been accessed by answering personal-security questions. The man advised that he had broken up with his girlfriend three days prior and believed it was her who locked his phone. The woman did not respond to officers’ attempts to contact her.

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