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Taser ends confrontation over movie ticket
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Feb. 2

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's office include:

Jan. 2
Discharge of firearm on or near public highway or street — A man was cited for firing a handgun near the roadway when officers tracked down the cause of a loud music disturbance in the area of Woodland Lakes. The officers watched from a distance as several males were gathered around a bonfire, drinking beer and listening to music. One of the men was seen holding a gun, and officers saw him load a round of ammunition into it, point it toward the ground and shoot. Another man walked over and took the gun out of his friend’s hands and placed the gun into his truck. The deputies approached the men, asked them to turn off the music and ran a background check on them. They also verified the gun was not stolen and belonged to the man who removed it from his friend’s hand and put it away. The man who fired the gun was cited.

Jan. 3
Disorderly conduct — A deputy was called to Liberty Regal Theater and met with the manager, who said a young man was trying to get into the movie theater without paying for a ticket. The young man also was cursing at the manager and started to curse at the deputy as he tried to approach and speak to him. The deputy told the young man he had to leave the premises, but the young man just kept telling the deputy off. When the deputy walked over, the young man ran behind the building. The deputy pursued and found him behind the building. The young man started cursing at the deputy again and kept refusing to leave the property. The deputy told the young man he was under arrest and when he tried to approach him with the handcuffs the young man took off running. The deputy deployed his Taser gun and stopped the young man. He placed the young man in handcuffs and asked again for name and age. The young man finally gave in, offering his name and saying he was 16. The deputy called the boy’s mother, who said she wasn’t surprised at his behavior.

Jan. 5
Marijuana possession/open container — A deputy initiated a traffic stop after noticing a broken tag light on a Ford Taurus. The car had four male occupants, and the deputy reported there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from three of the men, who were passengers as he obtained their respective IDs.
During questioning, one of the men admitted he was drunk and had smoked marijuana and was only 19. The front passenger was drunk, and the deputy found an open bottle of liquor in the glove box where he was seated.
One of the passengers of the backseat was found with an open bottle of booze and a folded dollar bill that had marijuana inside.
The driver was not intoxicated and was released after being cited for the broken tag light. The 19-year old was cited for possession of alcohol by a minor, one passenger was cited for open container and the other was booked for the marijuana possession.

Jan. 6
Theft by taking — A reports was submitted indicating someone was stealing copper tubing from a construction area at Prospect Loop in Midway.

Jan. 7
Dog attack — A young girl had to be treated for two different bite wounds after her neighbor’s dog, allegedly a pit bull, charged at her. The girl said she went to the neighbor’s house to see if the kids could come out and play. When her neighbor opened the front door, the dog allegedly charged at her.
Medical call — A deputy helped a woman after he broke down the front door allowing EMS access to her Walthour Road home.
The woman dialed 911 but immediately was immobilized by a possible stroke.
The emergency dispatcher could hear the deputy outside and notified him to go ahead and break in the door. The woman’s family was called to secure the home and tend to the woman.
Jan. 8
Driving while license suspended or revoked; speeding in excess of maximum limits — A 48-year-old man from Miami was stopped on I-95 in Liberty County for driving 95 mph in a 70-mph speed zone.
Upon checking the driver’s license, the deputy found it was suspended for three failures to appear in court.
The man was arrested and taken to jail.

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