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Taser found on BI after basketball game
Hinesville PD blotter for Dec. 14
These reports were taken from incident reports filed by Hinesville PD officers. - photo by Stock photo

From recent Hinesville Police Department reports:

Shoplifting: A manager at an EnMark on Highway 84 reported Dec. 3 that a man with dreads and "a black and white plaid shirt came in around 3 a.m. The male spoke with one of the other cashiers about being a kleptomaniac and proceeded to grab a box that contained a pair of bluetooth headphones from a stand near the cash register. The male left the store without paying for the headphones and headed in the direction of the Econolodge."

Police looked for the self-described kleptomaniac but had no luck finding him.

Criminal damage to property: At 10 a.m., Dec. 6, police were sent to Theiss Branch Drive to handle a complaint of damage to a vehicle. Along the way, dispatch reported the complainant "called back and told them there was now a female on scene with a gun."

When the officer arrived, the woman with the gun was gone. The complainant said she drove off "in a ‘white old school’ style car." Police couldn’t find it, however.

The complainant said when she got to the address where she’d parked her SUV the night before "she found several of her SUV windows smashed in. She also found that a fire had been attempted in the rear third row seat of her vehicle."

The complainant said she’d gone to an "all girls party," the night before and had left it at a friend’s house because she’d been drinking. When she came back to pick it up, she discovered the damage.

"She stated that she had no problems or issues at the party and did not know who would have caused this," the report said.

But, shortly after finding her vandalized SUV she saw the "white old school car," parked in the middle of the road. "(Complainant) stated an unknown black female got out of the driver’s side of the car and stood next to the car holding a gun," the report said. "That female held the gun to her side but did not say anything or point the weapon."

The complainant said she got into a car with a friend and they started to drive away. When she saw police showing up, she turned around and drove back to the address.

The officer reported the car had busted windows and the burned seat, along with "several pieces of burnt papers outside of the vehicle which appeared to be used as an accelerant to start the fire inside the vehicle," the report said.

Neighbors said they heard four women arguing outside around 8:30 a.m., and a teenager with a backpack walk up to the residence and then leave.

The SUV owner was given a case number.

Criminal trespass: A woman with a Whitetail Circle address called HPD on Dec. 6 to report the night before someone threw a brick through her window. Actually, the woman said she was in bed asleep when someone rang her doorbell. "(She) stated she went to her blinds and could not see who was at the door so she went back to bed. (She) stated shortly after someone threw a brick through the window at the residence."

The woman said she called her landlord and they boarded up the window. She was given a case number.

Missing person: On Dec. 1, an officer was sent to a Hinesville address regarding a woman’s mother who had visited and then not returned to her home in Richmond Hill. The woman said her mother has "episodes of dementia" and didn’t go home, so she went to the Richmond Hill Police Department to file a missing person report and a "be on the lookout" for the woman and her vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee. As the HPD officer was working on the report, the daughter called 911 to report she’d heard from her mother, who "had just called her from an unknown location in Daytona Beach, Florida. She said her mother was confused and got lost while driving. She also said her mother had a flat tire and a couple were helping her change the tire."

The officer told the daughter to have her mother or the couple helping her call 911 so an officer could come to her aid. "Approximately 10 minutes later I spoke with (the daughter) again and she told me her mother is not answering the phone."

Detectives were briefed.

Disrupting school bus, insulting driver: An officer was sent to Dec. 5 to Sequoia Circle and Seminole Drive because of a disturbance on a school bus, apparently caused by a parent.

The woman, who was described as uncooperative, told the officer her child was "physically abused" by a child "from a different bus stop," then walked off.

The driver, meanwhile, finished her route, then told the reporting officer that the woman "boarded the bus" and, despite being told "she could not be on the bus," began cursing at the driver and "turned towards the children and began yelling and cursing."

There were approximately 70 kids on the bus at the time, and the woman was told a second time to get off the bus. "(She) continued cursing and yelling and told (the driver) that she was going to have to call 911, she was not going to get off the bus. (She) eventually got off the bus before my arrival."

Discharging firearm in city: A Fort Stewart solder accidentally shot himself in the hand Dec. 5 in the parking lot of Dunkin’ Donuts. Police were sent to Winn Army Community Hospital due to the gunshot wound since it reportedly happened in Hinesville. There, they were told by the victim he was sitting in his car the middle of the parking lot cleaning his Glock 19 9-millimeter handgun when it went off. He said he drove to his barracks and had a friend take him to the hospital. The man was shot in the left palm. He’d had the pistol only a few weeks, he told HPD.

Criminal trespass: An officer was sent Dec. 4 to Pineview Apartments, where he was told "someone had attempted to pry the rent payment mailbox from its foundation."

The report said the box sits on a wooden post "which is set in concrete in the ground in front of the office. It appeared someone had rocked the wooden pole back and forth in order to pickup the mailbox and post. "

It was unclear if any rent payments had been taken out. The complainant was given a case number.

Criminal trespass: An officer was sent to Grove Park Apartments on Dec. 4 because "someone damaged the office drop box," a report said. "(The complainant) is unsure if anything is missing from the box however the box could have contained checks and money orders for rent."

The officer noted damage to the drop box’s lock. He gave the complainant a case number and told her to follow up if she found out anything had been stolen.

Criminal trespass: A woman called HPD on Dec. 4 to report a man she’d sold a microwave to on Facebook had keyed her car and flattened her tires after he claimed the microwave didn’t work and she said refused to give him a refund.

The woman said the man messaged her about half an hour after he bought it and said it wasn’t working. "She responded that it was working when it was sold and that she would not be returning the $20 he paid for it."

Five minutes later, he returned, knocked on the door "and appeared to be aggressive," the woman said, adding that she texted him to tell him to leave.

Instead, the man began knocking on a side door, then left. When the woman’s husband checked the car he found it keyed and the two rear tires had been punctured. "(She) advised they could hear the air coming out of the tires."

The only contact info they had for the man was through his Facebook page and that they believe he was a Marine Corps recruiter.

Found property: The Bradwell school resource officer was given a Taser on Dec. 1 that was found Nov. 18 by a custodian cleaning the gym after the BI-Liberty basketball game. The "Vipertek" Taser was initially looked up in a storage room. It’ll now be locked up in an evidence locker at HPD, the report said.

Simple assault: An officer was sent Dec. 2 to a Woodwinds North address regarding, well, a woman who said her husband "recently had a spinal fusion surgery and she was concerned about his well-being," the report said. "She said that he will not do any of the things the doctors have advised him to do (move around, use walker, wear non-slip socks, drink prune juice) and that she was ‘sick of paying for surgeries if he wasn’t going to better himself.’"

The man said the argument began because she did not want to watch football on TV. "(He) told her to go back upstairs if she did not want to watch football. (He) stated that she threw his walker towards him but it did not hit him. He then said she grabbed the walker and slammed it down in front of him. (He) said that he heard (his wife) say that she was going to ‘twist his neck off and pull his staples out.’" He felt threatened, so he called 911.

The man didn’t want a copy of the report. He just wanted the incident documented.

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