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Teacher believes student's parents harassing her

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

Oct. 12
• Disorderly conduct — A 54-year-old Hinesville man was charged with disorderly conduct after a disturbance on Wells Road. A complainant alleged the man put his hand out the window of his pickup as though pointing a pistol as he drove. The 54-year-old man denied the accusatoin.
As the deputy attempted to gather information, a younger man approached, told the deputy he was on private property and insisted he leave. The deputy told the younger man he was conducting law-enforcement business, but the man insisted he leave. The younger man then was told he’d be arrested for hindering an investigation if he persisted.
The 54-year-old then told the younger man, who turned out to be his son, to leave.
The complainant said he had filed two other complaints against the 54-year-old man earlier that day.

Oct. 15
• Matter of record — A man said his ex-wife sent him a text message asking him to pick up her daughter from school in Long County because she was stuck in Savannah and wouldn’t be back in time to get her. The man said the little girl is not his biological daughter, but he helped raise the child while he and the girl’s mother were married, so he went to the school and picked her up.
He said he called his ex-wife and said he was on his way to her home to drop off the child. While on the phone, he realized his ex-wife was drunk. He was concerned about leaving the 5-year-old girl with her intoxicated mother and called police to step in.

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

Oct. 17
• Matter of record — Two sisters got into a fight over rent. Sister No. 1 said she came home to gather her belongings because she was moving out. Sister No. 2 said sister No. 1 still owed rent for the half-month she lived there and needs to pay her share.

Oct. 18
• Damage to vehicle — A woman reported damage to the left side of her car after she hit a deer on Highway 84 near Liberty County High School. The woman said there was deer fur embedded in parts of the car near the rear panel, and the impact damaged her side mirror. The woman said she was unable to veer to her right due to a large semi truck being in that lane.
The same woman called later that evening to report she was leaving her job at Club Stewart and noticed white-paint marks on the right-side rear panel of the car as if someone had backed into her vehicle.
• Missing person — A concerned neighbor called to report a man was missing from his Lake George home. She said she knew the man suffers from Alzheimer’s and that he had stepped out to make a trip to the Lake George Get-N-Go store. After more than 30 minutes, the man had not returned and when the neighbor went to look for him at the store, the clerk said the man had already left the building.
Hours later, the man was found in Richmond Hill and was returned to his family.

Oct. 19
• Verbal dispute — A mother called in deputies to complain about how her 19-year old daughter was treating her siblings. The mom explained her daughter has mental-health issues and is on medication and being treated, but she continues to verbally abuse her siblings and disrespects the rules of the house. The mother said she thought her daughter’s medication needed to be adjusted, and they had an appointment with her psychiatrist to discuss the issue.
• Possession of marijuana/possession of open alcohol container/speeding — A deputy pulled over a Nissan Titan pickup when he clocked the vehicle traveling at 70 mph in a 55-mph zone. The driver pulled over on Leroy Coffer Highway and Rogers Pasture Road. The deputy said the driver smelled of alcohol, and the deputy found a plastic cup with alcohol in it. The driver denied, at first, that he had been drinking but later relented, saying he was at Doodle’s and had a few drinks. During the investigation, the deputy also found what he suspected was marijuana in the center console of the truck. The man was arrested, taken to jail and charged.

Oct. 20
Suspicious Activity — A woman called police and complained that a suspicious-looking person kept loitering around the bus stop at Live Oak Mobile Home Park. The woman said the person, who does not live in the park, watched as her daughter boarded the school bus and she claimed the suspicious person touched himself inappropriately while staring at her daughter.
The deputy found the man, who claimed he did not touch himself and insisted he was just walking through the mobile-home park and the surrounding neighborhood for exercise.

Oct. 21
• Matter of record — A woman claimed she was being followed from Midway into Hinesville by a black Mercedes Benz. The woman said the vehicle kept flashing its lights at her and speeding up and slowing down just behind her. The woman, a local teacher, said she’s had an issue with one of her student’s parents and thought they might be following her to harass her.
Oct. 22
• DFACS Referral — A child was referred to the Department of Family and Children Services after a school teacher and principal alerted police about a child showing up to kindergarten with visible bruising. The deputy called in DFACS when he found the child did have bruising on his head and back consistent with being hit by a belt.
• Accidental injury — A man was walking away from his fruit stand at the Chevron on Montague Street near the Liberty/McIntosh County border and heard some folks yelling at him. He said when he turned and looked, all he saw was a truck with a trailer attached backing up toward him. He said the truck hit him, knocking him to the ground and and scraping his elbow. The man said the vehicle took off and all he saw was the trailer’s Ohio tag number.

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