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Teacher smells joint at school, administrators call police
Hinesville Police blotter

Recent reports filed by Hinesville Police officers include:

Feb. 28
Trespass, theft by taking — An Olive Street couple lost more than $3,000 worth of goods when thieves broke into sheds in their backyard. The woman told the responding officer that she and her husband went on a weekend trip Feb. 26-28. After getting home, she noticed damage to a gate to their backyard. So she started looking around and noticed that things inside three sheds were not as they had left them. While checking them, she saw that a set of Louis Vuitton luggage worth $2,000 was missing, along with about $1,000 worth of meat and other food from two freezers. Some tools may have also been missing. She said the sheds were not locked.

March 1
Shoplifting — Two men are suspected of having shoplifted cellphone headsets from the Verizon Wireless store on Highway 84 twice on the same day. They came into the store together and one would talk to a clerk while the other browsed items on shelves. The one talking to the clerk would try to block the clerk’s view of the other suspect. The clerk said the first time, he only suspected something was taken but that he had not had time to inventory the headsets to know that one was taken. The second time, he called police and reviewed video with the officer. They saw the second suspect trying to open a packaged headset. The packaging was in the trash and the headset missing when they left. The officer said arrest warrants would be sought against the suspects.

March 2
Theft by computer — A Varnedoe Street woman told officers she saw a $1,150 transfer from her bank account to her PayPal account that she had not authorized. When she checked that account, she saw the money went to a political commentator’s website, She said she had never head of the commentator and had not authorized the donation. She was advised to contact the commentator and her bank to contest the donation.

Found contraband — A 12-year-old brought what officials believe was a small, partially burned marijuana joint to Lewis Frasier Middle School. A teacher, who was lining her class up in a hall, became suspicious of a smell coming from a locker and informed administrators. They in turn, identified the student, got into the locker, found the alleged joint and informed police. They did not file a juvenile complaint, saying they wanted to know for sure if it was pot to take appropriate action against the student.

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