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Three dogs found shot dead in Gum Branch
Authorities say aggravated cruelty to animals can lead to prison or fines, or both.

Three dogs were shot in the head and dumped off Highway 196 West, according to Andrea Doolittle, the founder of Second Chances Equines Rescue in Gum Branch.

Doolittle said she found the dogs that appeared to be beagles Wednesday across the road from her pasture. She said they had gunshot wounds in their heads.

Doolittle called the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. According to Deputy Jack Baker’s incident report, Doolittle had received a call from someone asking if she could take in dogs. She told the caller she was not a dog rescue and referred the caller to other agencies.

On a Facebook post, Doolittle wrote, “We honestly tell people when they call that we have no facilities for dogs or cats to keep them safe. We also let them know their alternatives to just letting them starve.”

Doolittle said she is upset that someone would do such a cruel thing. She said she was told to bury the dogs.

Doolittle said Baker told her whoever killed the dogs could face felony charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Chief Deputy Jon Long said the case was assigned to a detective for investigation.

According to Georgia law, anyone convicted of aggravated cruelty to animals shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years, be fined up to $15,000 or both.

Animal lovers were quick to respond to Doolittle’s Facebook post.

“Someone sick is out there killing animals for fun,” Krystina Dermody-Langan wrote. She said she saw a similar incident posted last week where three cats were found dead in a plastic bag, their heads badly beaten. She said the cats were dumped on someone’s property.

“Shame on them...If they treat animals like could they possibly care about anyone,” Valeris Myers wrote.

“Most psychos start by killing an animal and then advance to killing people. This needs to be investigated,” Maureen McCullough Mobley posted.

Doolittle posted photos of the dogs on her Second Chances Equines Rescue Facebook page. She said as heartbreaking as it may be to see the picture of the three dead dogs it may lead to evidence in the case.

“If you're local and know anything or recognize these three male...beagles? please let us know,” she wrote.

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