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Tinted windows, cardboard tag lead to arrests
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for July 28

Recent crime reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

July 14
Criminal trespass — An employee of Days Inn and Suites had a window in his room busted out by a guest. The employee said his guest got mad and punched the window, breaking it. The employee didn’t know the guest’s name and met him on an online dating website. The employee agreed to pay for the damages.

July 15
Reckless driving — A black BMW sedan was pulled over for a hit-and-run in McIntosh County. As the traffic stop was initiated, the driver was observed trying to change seats with the passenger while the car was going 70 mph. The sedan finally stopped and the three occupants of the vehicle, including a juvenile, were asked to get out. The juvenile was the one who stepped out of the driver’s side during the stop. A smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle was detected. A K-9 quickly detected drugs from the car. Open containers and marijuana were found throughout the car during a search. They were arrested and taken to Liberty County Jail.

July 16
Suspended license — A man was observed failing to stop at a stop sign in Walthourville. He was pulled over and found to have a suspended license for failure to appear. He was arrested and transported to Liberty County Jail.

July 17
Matter of record — A man told a deputy that while he and his girlfriend were asleep at her house, a man entered into the residence with his own house key and entered their bedroom. The male started yelling and pulled a gun. The boyfriend attacked the man and disarmed him. The girlfriend grabbed the gun and took out the bullets, and the man then left the residence. The boyfriend said he was told by his girlfriend that she was divorced, but it turns out the man was possibly still her husband and that she may have a temporary protective order against him. Her husband is in the Army, as is the boyfriend.

July 19
Driving without a license, window tint — A woman was pulled over into the Georgia State Patrol post parking lot for having dark tinted windows. When asked for her license, she said that she left it in her apartment. She was identified with her dependent military ID. The driver said the car belonged to her boyfriend and that she was at the jail to bond him out. She said her boyfriend had received a ticket for the tinted windows but never corrected them. Hinesville police verified that the boyfriend had received a ticket in June for the window tint. The deputy asked where she had a driver’s license from; she said South Carolina. But upon checking South Carolina, Florida and Georgia, she was not licensed in any of those states. She then said she didn’t have a license and was scared. She had her two daughters in the car and was allowed to drive to the Liberty County Jail from the GSP post, where her older daughter could watch her younger one. The driver was arrested for driving without a license and window tint.

July 19
Cardboard tag — A woman was pulled over for driving a car that had a piece of cardboard saying “tag applied for” instead of a license plate. The driver said she had recently purchased the vehicle and provided her signed title dated July 7 and knew she needed to have it registered in seven days. She said she had already received a ticket from the Hinesville police for failure to register the vehicle. While filling out paperwork, a narcotics dog was sent to the vehicle and detected drugs. A bag of marijuana was found in a plastic bag in the center console and a blunt in her purse. She was arrested for possession of marijuana and no valid tag.

July 20
Tag stolen — A man reported his Georgia temporary tag stolen off his vehicle in the parking lot of Pal-N-Food. He had put on the tag that day and went to the store to purchase items that evening. The car owner said he observed a silver vehicle with an M&M Motors paper tag near his car before he went into the store. The car left quickly before he discovered his missing tag. The owner wasn’t certain if the driver of the silver car had stolen his tag, and the deputy was unable to back up the security video to confirm or deny if it had been stolen there or blown off before.

July 21
Baby ingests Dramamine — A 1-year-old took an unknown amount of Dramamine pills while his mother was folding laundry in another next room. When she went to the bedroom, she saw the baby put a pill in his mouth from the bottle on the nightstand. The baby appeared alert and responsive when Emergency Medical Services arrived. The mother said he had taken no more than two pills. EMS checked the baby, and a friend drove him and the mother to Winn Army Community Hospital for further evaluation

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