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Tombstone damaged in Taylors Creek Cemetery

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville POlice Department include:

Sept. 29
• Hit and run — A woman came home and found that someone had struck her mailbox, knocking it over and damaging it. She said the mail carrier had to deliver her mail to her front door due to the extent of the damage and the rain.
• Theft by taking — A woman called police and said her former business tenant was inside the West Hendry Street building she owns. She said she noticed the man inside the building as she passed by, so she stopped and told him to get out of the building before alerting authorities. She said the man took a neon sign that belonged to her.
The man said he exited the building when he was told to, but was under the impression he had 30 days to move out. He said he gained entry by using the key he still had. He was told to return the key to the owner.
• Simple battery — A woman said she let her ex-husband come visit her, but he soon became angry over pictures she had on her cellphone. She said her ex started yelling at her and grabbed her by the neck. She said she told him to stop and warned him she could barely breathe. Her son came into the room and pulled her ex off her, and the man left. The officer said he noticed marks on her neck, but the woman refused emergency care. He went to the ex-husband’s Kelly Drive residence, but the man wasn’t home.

Oct. 1
• Possession with intent to distribute — An officer stopped a Chevy Silverado on South Main Extension for a non-working rear brake light. When the officer approached the vehicle, the driver acted nervous and handed over his concealed-weapons permit instead of his driver’s license.
The driver told the officer he had a gun in the car, at which point the officer called for backup. Backup arrived, and when officer retrieved the gun, he smelled a strong marijuana odor. After conducting a free-air sniff test with a trained K-9, the officer found two Mason jars full of marijuana under the passenger’s seat along with a digital scale and package materials.

Oct. 2
• Possession of marijuana, driving on a suspended license — An officer conducted a traffic stop on Meadow Lake Drive after observing a man thought to have a suspended license driving the vehicle. After confirming that the driver’s license was suspended, the officer called for a K-9 unit to assist because the driver had multiple previous possession charges.
During a search, a bag of marijuana was found outside the car, near the passenger door. It was determined the marijuana had been thrown from the vehicle by the passenger as the officer was speaking with the driver. The driver claimed sole responsibility for the marijuana, and the passenger was released. The driver was charged with driving on a suspended license and possession of marijuana.

Oct. 3
• Theft by taking — A homeless woman reported her makeup pouch and pocketbook missing from Walmart on West Oglethorpe Highway. She said she was sitting on a bench inside the store and must have fallen asleep. When she awoke, the items were missing. The officer, store managers and loss-prevention personnel reviewed video of the incident, but were unable to determine what happened.
• Criminal trespass — A woman reported damage to her parents’ headstone in Taylors Creek Cemetery. Although no marks or footprints were found around the grave, the complainant said that the headstone was not damaged the last time she cleaned it, approximately a week earlier.
• Lost/stolen wallet — A woman reported her wallet missing after shopping at Walmart. She said had her wallet with her when she checked out, then proceeded to the restroom. After exiting the restroom, she left the store and realized her wallet was missing when she got to her car. Loss-prevention personnel provided pictures showing the complainant holding her wallet at the register and as she entered the restroom. She did not have the wallet when she left the restroom, but photos did not show anyone else exiting the restroom with the wallet.

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