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Training officers experience Taser firsthand
0211 LPD Tasering
Long County Sheriffs Office Deputy Andy Young and Ludowici Police Department Officer Adam Denton hold new LPD Officer Cameron Arnold while instructor Frankie Goff uses the Taser. - photo by Mikee Riddle

The Ludowici Police Department hosted Taser training at its station last week to certify new officers and recertify the veterans.

Former LPD Officer Frankie Goff led the Taser instruction.

"Taser training is another tool in the toolbox for law enforcement officers," Goff said. "It provides them with a non-lethal method for detaining a combative suspect, and it has been proven to be effective, with less injuries inflicted on those being detained and also to the officers themselves. There have been many documented cases where using a Taser has saved both a suspect’s life and an officer’s life."

Chief Richard Robertson said the LPD requires all of its officers to be certified to use the device. After experiencing firsthand the effects of the Taser, the officers have a better understanding of the weapon, Robertson said.

LPD Sgt. J.D. Campbell said that even though the certification is mandatory, the officers rarely need to use
the device.

"I’ve been here for several years now, and I know we have only had to use the Tasers maybe four or five times over the last few years," Campbell said.

According to Goff, the device emits 50,000 volts, but less than 0.0036 amps are transferred to the Tasered person. He also said Tasers are effective 95 percent of the time in immobilizing a combative person.

Six law enforcement officers and one civilian participated in the training, Goff said. In addition to the LPD officers, deputies from the Long County Sheriff’s Office also attended the class.

"When people go through this training for the first time, they are a little apprehensive, but after they have done it once, they usually provide much positive feedback, especially after they have been shocked," he said.

Goff, who also instructs training for special fire arms, speed detection and standardized field sobriety, said the Taser class participants did a good job and now better understand when to use their Tasers.

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