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Two men arrested at Fort Stewart gate
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A man riding in the trunk of a car and the man who drove the car were arrested by military police around 2 p.m. Tuesday as they were trying to enter the front gate at Fort Stewart.
The driver, Raymond Kelley of Allenhurst, and the man in the trunk, Jerry Johnson, 25, of Hinesville were both charged with criminal trespass.
Hinesville police Maj. Thomas Cribbs referred the Coastal Courier to MACE Capt. Albert Cato, who went on record about the incident. Cato witnessed the incident and alerted Fort Stewart gate security and the military police.
 “I saw the guy get in the trunk at Baldino’s and alerted the security guards,” Cato said. “I also called 9-1-1 to be sure to get a unit of MPs over there.”
“They (the suspects) said they were headed to the rail head on Fort Stewart,” he added.
Cato said once the military police arrived to take the men into custody, he left. Cato returned later to submit a written statement to military police.
“I just brought what I saw to their attention,” he said.
Fort Stewart Media Chief Kevin Larson said Johnson was handed over to law enforcement on a warrant of outstanding child support. Kelley was released on his own recognizance, Larson said.
“They will appear in magistrate court on post for those (trespass) charges,” he said.
Larson said as far as he knew, the two men were not affiliated with Fort Stewart.
The media chief stressed random searches of vehicles are routinely conducted at the post’s front gate. He added Fort Stewart has stepped up its access procedures to provide a safe and secure environment.
“This is a great example of how the Hinesville Police Department and all the police departments (MACE) work with Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield Director of emergency services,” Larson said. “This shows the great teamwork that we do have.”
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