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Unlicensed driver stopped going 96 in 70 mph zone
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for April 16

Reports recently filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office inlcude:

Editor’s note: The following item, which appeared in Sunday’s edition, did not accurately state the facts as they were contained in a Liberty County Sheriff’s Office incident report. The item, revised to more accurately reflect the incident report, appears below:
March 13
Burglary — A woman who serves as the treasurer of the choir at First African Baptist Church of Riceboro told deputies that someone removed $160 in dues she had collected and was preparing to deposit at the bank. The woman said she collects dues from choir members every Thursday and places the money with the church records after she gets home. Every Monday, she said, she deposits the money in the bank.
On this Monday, she said, the envelope was in the file, but it had no money. She added that it wasn’t the first time funds have gone missing.
The woman said there were no signs of forced entry. The back door to her home is “very secure,” and the front door is made of solid wood, but the handle was loose, she told deputies.
The case was directed to the detective unit.

March 16
Verbal dispute — A verbal argument occurred between two women at a home on Isle of Wight Road. One woman said the other woman is her husband’s ex-wife and lives in the property directly behind their home. She said the woman has easement rights to the property allowing her to cross the driveway and reaching her home in the back. But the woman said the ex-wife is always stopping on the driveway and instigating fights. The ex-wife denied she started a fight and said she just stopped to check on some plants. The deputy gave the women a case number for the incident and directions to the magistrate’s office to resolve their differences.

Accidental damage — A man driving a rented U-Haul truck asked to have a report made after the truck's windshield was cracked by a rock on Highway 84. The man was near Liberty County High School when the rock struck his windshield.

Matter of record — A woman filed a report saying she was scared her sister would carry out a threat she made during a phone conversation. The woman told the deputy she was getting ready to fly to Kansas on March 24, but her sister had called to say that if she came she was going to beat her up. The woman said she was traveling to see her step-dad and feared that once she arrived in Kansas her sister would carry out her threat. The deputy advised the woman that if she did go to Kansas, she should notify authorities of the threat as soon as she landed.

Verbal dispute — A woman said she was finally fed up with being treated badly by her drunk boyfriend. The woman packed a few of her belongings and went to stay with her sister after reporting to deputies that her boyfriend was on another drunken rage. She said he was arrested two days prior for DUI and blames her for the incident. He was drunk again today and started to yell and fight with her regarding the situation.

Dog bite — A young girl sustained a laceration to her upper lip after being bitten by her grandmother’s Rhodesian ridgeback. The child’s mother took the girl to Liberty Regional Medical Center.

Theft by taking, misdemeanor — An employee of Dee’s Electric reported the theft of copper wiring from a construction site off Out Post Trail in Midway.

March 17
Driving while license suspended or revoked/speeding — A deputy issued citations and place a woman under arrest after conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle that was traveling above the legal posted speed limit. He pulled the driver over at Leroy Coffer Highway and Highway 17. When the deputy ran a check he discovered the driver already had her license suspended for a previous speeding violation.

March 18
Unfounded domestic call — A man claimed his wife was having mental problems and was trying to leave their Limerick Road home at 2 a.m. to go to the store. The man said she was walking around with her medical records. The woman told the deputy the paperwork was from a previous time he had her committed and told the deputy she wanted to go to the store to get medicine for a vaginal infection. The deputy reported the woman appeared to be disoriented and talking gibberish.

March 24
Reckless conduct — Two Hinesville men were charged with reckless conduct following an investigation by an LCSO officer. A woman reported that her nephew and another man had been shooting firearms around and toward her property. Fearing for herself and her grandchild, she called LCSO. The investigating officer talked with the two men, who admitted shooting an HR .177 air rifle at an Igloo cooler but denied firing toward the woman’s property. They agreed to construct a berm in a safe direction and not fire any weapons except into the berm.

March 25
Matter of record — A Midway woman reported phone threats made to her on her private cell phone. She said an unknown male called to complain that her dog was making too much noise. She said the man was abusive and vulgar and said, “If you don’t take care of it, I will.” When she asked who she was talking to on the phone, the man at first was silent. He then changed his voice tone and made a suggestive comment about coming over to pet her “labradoodle.” The woman’s rescue dog is a pit bull mix. She said she wanted the incident recorded because cats have been killed in her neighborhood and that an unknown weekend-only resident has bragged about killing animals. She said she fears for her safety and the safety of her dog.

Matter of record — A 26-year-old Midway man faces multiple charges after LCSO deputies investigated an overturned pickup on Cay Creek Road. The vehicle was found with no one in or near it at about 8:30 p.m. About 10 minutes later, the owner called 911, claiming he had been assaulted and his vehicle stolen. He claimed two men jumped in his truck when he stopped at the crossroads of Highway 119 and Barrington Ferry Road. They told him to drive, so he did. They told him to pull over at the substation near highways 119 and 17, where they pushed him out of the vehicle into a ditch. The deputies told him they had found his truck and took him to it.
The area where the truck was found was very muddy. They noted that the man was also muddy. No keys were in the ignition, but one of the deputies noticed some car keys when the man removed something from his pockets. The man refused to let the deputy check to see if the keys fit the ignition in the truck. They then noticed he smelled of alcohol, and he was placed under arrest for DUI. He was twice told the Georgia implied consent warning, which he said he didn’t understand. He was charged with DUI, obstruction, leaving the scene of an accident, driving too fast for conditions and change of address more than 60 days.

March 26
Identity theft fraud when using/possessing identification — A Clarksville, Tennessee, man filed a complaint with LCSO of identity theft. He told the deputy he had received notice from a collection agency in regard to $567.97 for an overdue account with AT&T someone in Kentucky had opened in his name in 2007 and closed in 2008. He said this was the first time he learned a collection agency was trying to find him. In the presence of the deputy, he called the agency and tried to find out the name of the store where the account was opened. The collection agency could not provide specific information. He then requested a report, so he could file a dispute.

Obstruction of law enforcement officer, driving without valid license, speeding and seat belt violation — A New York man was stopped for driving 96 mph in a 70-mph speed zone. Upon greeting the driver, the deputy noted there were six people in the vehicle but only five seat belts. The man said he did not have a license but a permit, which he did not have on him. He also gave the officer a false name. He was arrested. On learning his real name, LCSO confirmed he did not have a license but was wanted New York.

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