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Vacant home used as party house, damaged
Hinesville PD blotters for Dec. 3
crime scene

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Nov. 11
Theft by shoplifting — A pawn shop on West Oglethorpe Highway reported a brown Louis Vuitton belt worth $400 as stolen. The store’s security camera showed a suspect who pawned an item examining the belt but putting it down again, then picking it up, wrapping it around his hand and walking out of the store.
The store manager told police that he called the suspect at a phone number listed on the pawn ticket, but the suspect did not answer or return the phone call.

Simple battery — A complainant reported that he was trying to contact his girlfriend, who lives at Rain Tree Apartments. He said he tried calling her, but she didn’t answer. He stated he then approached her apartment building to find four men, one of whom was playing with her phone. The man gave the phone back, and all four men walked away.
A few minutes later, two of the men came back and one punched the complainant in the face and slammed him to the ground. The men then left the premises.
The complainant said he searched Facebook for the man who hit him and provided police with a name. The alleged girlfriend informed police that the complainant bothers her and contacts her at all hours of the night.

Criminal trespass — An officer was patrolling the area of Riyadh Road when a woman flagged him down. She said that a vacant house she owns, which is being prepared for new occupants, was in disarray. The officer observed the backyard/pool area, which was littered with prophylactics, cigarette butts, partially smoked blunts and other debris. The complainant also pointed out damage to the plastic foundation that was not there during her last inspection, roughly a week earlier.
The woman said she previously had no lock on the back gate, but since has installed a lock.

Accidental damage to property — An officer responded to Kroger on Oglethorpe Highway after a woman reported damage to her car. She said when she left the store to return to her car, she noticed a shopping cart sitting against the car door, with some paint chipped off the door from the cart striking it. The complainant said she spoke with a woman who observed the cart rolling into the car door, but did not see who let the cart roll.
A review of the store’s security cameras did not reveal any information, as the cameras did not cover the area where the incident took place.

Nov. 12
Prowling — Officers responded to a home on Salisbury Way in reference to prowling. The complainant stated he pulled into his driveway, and as he gathered his things to go inside, he noticed in his rear-view mirror a person crouching behind his car. He said he put his car in reverse and started backing out of his driveway, but the person ran to the front of a parked SUV in the driveway and crouched behind it.
The complainant said he then started driving circles around his yard and blaring his horn to try and scare the person away and alert his wife to the prowler. He said he then drove around the block and when he returned, the prowler was gone. Police searched the neighborhood but did not find the suspect.

Criminal trespass — HPD went to an apartment on Brett Drive in response to a shattered rear vehicle window. The complainant stated that although she did not witness the incident, she believed she knew who threw a vehicle jack through the window. She said a woman had texted her the night prior, asking her for a fight. The complainant said she refused the invitation and believed the woman shattered the car window in retaliation. The vehicle belongs to the complainant’s boyfriend, who currently is traveling back to the United States from a military deployment.

Accidental damage to property — An officer reported that he was walking past a patrol vehicle with an M4 slung across his body. The barrel of the weapon accidentally scraped the front of the vehicle, causing a small gouge and a small portion of paint to be chipped away.

Theft from vehicle — A woman reported her purse stolen from her vehicle that was parked at her Lost Grove Lane residence. She said she left the purse in her car when she returned home from shopping. The next day, the driver’s door of her car was open and her purse was gone.

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