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Vandals hit Walthourville's Johnnie Frasier Park
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A crew from the Walthourville public works department picks up the remains of one of nine concrete tables vandals destroyed in Johnnie Frasier Park last weekend. - photo by Photo by Alena Parker.
Investigations continue as police follow leads to find those responsible for vandalizing Walthourville’s Johnnie Frasier Park this weekend.
Two of the park’s concrete tables were smashed into pieces and nine tables were broken.
Two Walthourville Police Department units responded to the call Saturday night.
“The biggest thing, it looks like it could just be somebody who wanted to do criminal mischief in the area. That’s the way we’re investigating it,” Police Chief Terry Harget said.
After talking with neighbors, police learned criminals also defaced the park Friday night.
It will take roughly $1,000 to repair damages and Walthourville City Councilwoman Patricia Green was particularly upset.
“This is sad,” Green said. “We’re trying to beautify the city and improve the city, and then something like this comes…it really hurts the citizens.”
Walthourville had a Memorial Day picnic for veterans May 23 at the park, complete with a barbecue and parade. More than 200 residents showed up.
Green worried this weekend’s vandalism may have been a ploy to terrorize citizens and keep them from enjoying the park.
The city is offering a $500 reward to anyone who provides information that leads arrests.
Punishment for the misdemeanor includes less than a year in jail and less than a $1,000 fine, depending on the offender’s previous record or juvenile status.
Green said there was a similar incident about a month ago, but it was not as severe.
“We didn’t report that. We just went on and cleaned it up,” Green said.
Though damages did not turn out to be as bad as first reported to police, Harget said the case will be taken seriously.
“We’re always concerned about any crime,” he said.
With just over 4,000 residents, Walthourville is the county’s second largest municipality.
“We all have to be vigilant in watching our neighborhoods and helping the police do their job better,” Harget said. “Together we can definitely get the job done.”
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