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Verbal dispute over game cards leads to punches
HPD Blotter for April 26

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Affray: A man who is listed as complainant, victim and suspect went to HPD on April 18 to report he was “in a verbal dispute with an employee of Gamers only … over the price of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. (The man) advised that while arguing, he …. grabbed a chair and held it up, telling (the employee) to come on. (The man) advised that he then set down the chair and he and (the employee) began arguing face to face. (The man) advised that he pushed (the employee) and went to grab his bag, while telling (the employee) to ‘sit his Mexican fat (butt) down.’ At which time (the employee) punched him three times in the face. (The man) then left the store.”

The report notes the officer didn’t see any signs of injury and the complainant was told what fighting words and given a case number.”

Stealing from Walmart, part one: An officer was sent to Walmart around 3 p.m. April 18 where a woman was being escorted to the “asset protection office” inside the store. Employees said she “had concealed a Lipton iced tea, a Powerade drink, and a chicken wing dinner plate into her black handbag,” then tried to leave the store without paying. She was busted.

Stealing from Walmart, part two: An officer was sent to Walmart around 9 a.m. April 18 regarding the discovery that two employees were “discovered committing a theft back on March 30.”

The complainant, a store employee, said video shows a Walmart employee going up to a register and putting items on the register belt. The cashier is “shown more than once stacking some items and only scanning the bottom item before putting them into a bag,” while also spotted “scanning items, then voiding them out and placing them into a bag.”

The voided items added up to $69.59, the report said, and included muffins, dog food, a couple of Lunchables, some chips, socks and three candles.

The complainant said the cashier had already been fired for something else, and the two women had the same address.

Theft from Walmart, part three: Police were dispatched to the store around 1 p.m. April 20 where a store employee reported “he observed an individual … take a bag of potato wedges, open them and began to eat them while walking around the store. After eating them, he placed the bag on a shelf. (The man) was also seen removing LED bulbs from their packages and placing them into his pocket. After eating the potato wedges and placing the LED bulbs into his pocket, he attempted to walk out of the garden entrance.”

The potato wedges were $1.48. The LED bulbs were $8.96. The man was arrested and taken to Liberty County Jail. His bond was set at $812.25 and a court date of May 10.

Suspicious acts at Walmart: An officer was sent to the store around 11:40 p.m. April 18 where a store employee working outside the garden center spotted a man standing between the rear fence of the garden center and the building “holding something under his clothing,” a report said.

The employee described the man as “a tall white male, scruffy unshaven appearance,” who got into a dark colored minivan and left the area after he was spotted.

It turns out the fence and the tarp covering it had been cut. The store’s security cameras weren’t recording at that time, so store security couldn’t tell if anything had been stolen.

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